Coleman Lay Z Spa Hot Tub Review


In the past, if you wanted a spa, you were expected to pay a couple thousand dollars for a decent one. For this reason, many households didn’t have one. Now, today, we’ve noticed the word “inflatable” popping up throughout the market and this really caught our attention …and it makes perfect sense! Did you know there are actually inflatable spas available? While doing research, nesting amongst the many different ones, we discovered the inflatable Coleman Lay-Z spa and found that it is quite popular. Since it’s so popular, we wanted to review it ourselves …

This cost effective, portable inflatable spa is great for a couple that would like to enjoy a nice spa experience in their own backyard.


On all sides of the Coleman inflatable spa, there is fabric coated material, which offers comfort and durability to everyone that used it.

The spa is light in weight. When it doesn’t have any water in it, it weighs 88 pounds.

It comes with a nice pool cover with an aluminum foil coating. The foil coating helps keep the water nice and warm for you to relax in.  This cover also works as a good safety feature as it helps keep small children out of the spa.

There’s also a Rapid Heating System that can keep the pool temperature at 104 degrees.

In this spa, you also have a nice Lay-Z-Massage system with an integrated water filtration system. This is there not only for your comfort, but also for softer skin.

This is a 6 person inflatable spa that can hold around 254 gallons of water. It uses a standard plus and thanks to the soft touch control panel, you will have full control.

The digital control panel is there in order to give you the opportunity to control all of the nice features. The soft touch control panel protects the functionality of the system from kids with a useful lock feature.  This control panel is able to control every function of the tub, such as maintain the temperature, and activate the bubbles and so much more. The digital control panel buttons include a temperature control, auto lock, bubble spray button, heating control button, temperature toggle button and a water filtration button.

The integrated water filtration is an interesting. The filtration system is responsible for keeping the water clean, while the heating system is activated and when it’s turned off. In order to keep it working for a long time, this filter comes with two extra filters

Those are the “popular” feature of the Coleman Spa – there are some more silent features that we believe are worth mentioning …

The soft cushion – who doesn’t want a soft cushion when they’re relaxing in a spa? The soft cushion offers the feel of luxury seats. The covering of the air-padded cloth will protect the bottom of the tub from debris and sharp objects that may be there.

In the box – you will find a DVD that will teach you how to care for the spa. You will also find a filter cartridge that you need to use for the filter system, an inflation hose, a ground cloth, a chemical floater and a heavy duty repair patch kit.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Official Set up Video for the Coleman Hot Tub



What Others are Saying

At the time of writing this Coleman Spa review is getting positive reviews online. With words like “this is a very quiet spa,” “I love this thing” and “I can get a nice relaxing break” throughout all of the reviews we read, it becomes obvious that most of the customers are happy with this product.

If you click on the image below you can watch a lazy spa Review video and unboxing that shows how easy it is to use and set up.



Now, let’s take a minute to take a close look at the pros of this spa …

Complete Package – With the Coleman Spa, you will have everything you need for entertainment. With this spa, you will be able to relax anytime you feel the need and you don’t need to spend any additional money as this is the complete package.

Lots of Fun for Little Money – This appears to be an amazing inflatable spa and comes with everything you need – the tub, demo DVD and every other accessory you need to make the spa work. This spa hot tub is going to make you feel rejuvenated with the amazing features that work like a charm. Once you have it set up, it is capable of maintaining the temperature of spa automatically. For a small investment, you will have a whole lot of fun.

Easy to Use – Before you put the spa up, in order to keep it protected, make sure you place the ground sheet down. Due to the fact that this spa comes with a proper guide and there’s a nice control panel that controls all of the functionality, this spa really is easy to use

Simple to Install – When it comes to something like this, what do you think of? Many think of the install process. In fact, some people skip out on getting a spa because they are under the impression that installing it will be hard. This inflatable spa is super easy to install – there is no hassle and you can do it in no time at all. Just watch the demo DVD before you start the process – it shouldn’t take any longer than 45 minutes to install it. Just make sure you set it up in a place where you can drain it when you’re done because once you have it filled up, you probably shouldn’t move it.


Of course, where there are pros, there are going to be some cons and we feel it is only fair that we also point out the downside of the Coleman spa.

To start off, after reading a large amount of reviews, we found a couple of downfalls to owning this spa. One of the downfalls would be the time issue. The time that it takes for the water to reach 104 degrees could be quicker, but if you’re patient, that’s no big deal. Besides, it is obviously going to take some time for a big body of water to warm up.

Cleanliness is the other issue. When it comes to any tub, pool or spa, it demands proper care, regardless. Chemical floaters and filters need care – filters should be changed on a daily basis. You will be required to buy chemicals to keep it clean as those are not included. Obviously, this is not just limited to just the Coleman Spa, any hot tub you purchased will require the use of cleaners and filters.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub


Question: Do the walls on the Coleman have to be hard? My walls were hard, but now they aren’t. Does the air leak out?

Answer: You do not need to make the walls really hard. When the air inside the chambers get heated up, they will expand. The spa has an included gauge to show you when to stop filling it with air. The air will slowly leak out over time, all you have to do is refill it – the same thing will happen to the inflatable cover.

Question: How long is the power cord?

Answer: The power cord is 12.5 feet in length. It is a reasonable length to read an exterior outlet.

Question: What chemicals should I be using in the water?

Answer: You should be using either bromine or chlorine – bromine is recommended. Also, ph up and down, tester, shock, water clear, and defoamer.

Question: When the spa is filled up, would it be too heavy to put on a deck?

Answer: The weight is similar to a large refrigerator. (3.2 x 3.2) x 3.14 = @32 sqft. 257 x 8.34 lbs gal = 2143 lbs / 32 = @ 67 lbs sqft.

Question: What does it cost to run the spa?

Answer: For average use it will cost around $12.00 per month. Each function on the heater/pump will use the following:

  • Filter: 0.05k W/hr
  • Massage: 0.8k W/hr
  • Heater: 2k W/hr

Question: How long does it take to fill the spa up?

Answer: The amount of time it takes to fill the Lay Z Spa up will all depend on your water pressure. It will take around 2 hours.

Question: How long will it take to heat the water in the spa?

Answer: It will take around 10 hours to heat the water.

Question: If I turned the spa off over night, how much would the temperature drop?

Answer: The temperature would drop one degree per 4 hours during the summer months.

Question: Is the spa comfortable and is it easy to get in and out of?

Answer: The cushioning in the base of the spa is comfortable and suitable for extended periods of use. For those that are suffering from arthritis, or have a hard problem moving, you can use the Lay-Z-Spa Step and Surround – this offers extra assistance and support when entering and exiting the Lay Z Spa.

Question: Will the Lay Z Spa help relieve the pain of Arthritis?

Answer: The Lay Z Spa will help relieve the effects of Arthritis, yes. It uses the properties of warm water in order to facilitate the improved movement of the joints that are stiff, are swollen and ache – this is known as hydrotherapy.

Question: How long will the Lay Z Spa last?

Answer: As long as the Lay Z Spa is well maintained and you properly care for it, it can last for many years to come. It is important that you store the Lay Z Spa correctly and look after it. For example, it is recommended that you do not use the Lay Z Spa in temperatures of 39.2F (4C) or below because it can damage the vinyl and the pump.

Question: Does the Lay Z Spa need to be placed on a flat surface?

Answer: Yes, you need to place the Lay Z Spa on a completely flat and solid surface.

Question: Is the spa loud when it is turned on?

Answer: When you have the spa set up in an open area, 1 meter away from the pump, the decibel level is:

  • Heating<60dB
  • Filtration<60dB
  • Massage<72dB
  • Water Jet<72dB

Question: How will the spa be shipped to me?

Answer: The spa will be delivered in one box. Inside the box, there will be numerous small boxes that will make it easier to move the parts to the setup location you have selected.

Question: Would it be dangerous to set the Lay Z Spa up in an apartment?

Answer: You should not use this spa inside, because it will turn your apartment into a moldy tropical rainforest.

Question: Are filters included?

Answer: Yes, the Lay Z Spa comes with 2 filters.

Question: Can I use the heat and jets at the same time?

Answer: No, when the jets are turned on, the heat will automatically go off.

Question: What if there’s an unfortunate event where I get a puncture in my spa? Would I have to replace it, or is there a way to fix it?

Answer: If you get a puncture, there’s no need to replace the entire spa. There’s an easy to use repair patch that is included with the spa that you can use.

Question: How powerful are the jets?

Answer: The jets are pretty powerful – they’re powerful enough to create a pleasant sensation in the tub, but they’re not powerful enough to hurt you.

Here’s the full spec:

  • Actual Water Flow: 1,325L/h (350 gal/h)
  • Massaging Turbo Blower: 800W/Hydroject 1200W
  • Working Pressure: 0.8PSI/Monaco 10PSI/Hydrojet 1.2PSI
  • Pump: 50W Circulation Filter Pump

Question: How do you clean the outside of the wall on the spa?

Answer: A solution of warm water with dish soap (Dawn) will do the trick. It works great, and you don’t have to worry about damaging the wall.

Question: How long can the water stay in the spa?

Answer: It is recommended that you change the water every 3 days. Always remember to use the correct water chemicals in order to remain the water quality.

Question: Does it have a protective base so that the bottom isn’t pierced or damaged?

Answer: The hot tub is protected with a tough outer shell, and this will stop most objects from poking through. However, I recommend an additional ground mat for added protection just to be on the safe side.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub


Looking at all of the nice features that this Coleman Lay-Z-Spa has to offer, we truly are amazed. The portability, ease of use, and excitement nesting behind this spa has made this product a viable option if you’re looking for a spa on a small budget. It includes all of the utilities needed and is easy to install. Plus, the bubble jets are relaxing and soothing. If you don’t mind sitting in an inflatable spa (it feels just like the real thing), then we highly recommend the Coleman Spa.