Dalstrong Knives Review


In this definitive Dalstrong Knives Review, we are going to dissect everything that is known about this knife brand and discover if their knives are worthy additions to your kitchen or not.

What a good knife is will vary from person to person. Our view is that the kitchen knives we use should be functional but if they have a little bling then all the better.

Dalstrong knives are designed to provide the recreational and professional chef with the functionality needed in the kitchen as well as offering stunning aesthetic appeal.


Dalstrong Knives Reviews & Comparisons

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of all the different knives and compare the different series, let’s talk about Dalstrong the company.

They are one of the newest names in kitchen knives with Dalstrong being formed in 2014. This puts them at a little bit of a disadvantage as they don’t have the same heritage or pedigree as some of the other knife brands such as Shun or Wusthof.

What they do offer is some of the most beautiful looking knives on the market and they are already building a great reputation for legendary customer service.

To be honest, if you read reviews about Dalstrong Knives online the verdict on them is mixed. Some say they are the best thing since sliced bread [pun intented] while others describe them as all show and no substance.

Actual information about Dalstrong the company is hard to find but it appears their head office is based on Ontario, Canada. The knives are made in China but don’t let this put you off, we will discuss this further and why it’s actually something of benefit to the consumer in this instance.

What you will see is excellent customer service and any issues that you have with one of their knives will be swiftly rectified to maintain great customer relations.


Dalstrong Gladiator Series Review

Great Price and Perfect for Home Chefs.

For the home chef who wants quality at an affordable price point, the budget-friendly Gladiator range of kitchen knives could be the ideal starting point. They have over 50 different knives and knife set variations in this range. From a herb knife to a complete 18 piece knife set the Dalstrong Gladiator Series has many options.

While these knives may be budget-friendly they are designed to provide a lot of high-quality features.

German Steel – Constructed from X50CrMoV14 ThyssenKrupp German steel at 58+ Rockwell hardness

Pakkawood Handles – the handles are black triple-riveted Pakkawood imported from Spain. Before you go looking for information about the Pakkawood tree, it doesn’t exist! Pakkawood is a wood and plastic composite material that is used by many brands for knife handles as it doesn’t warp and is fairly water-resistant.

The Blade – Out of the box all the Gladiator knives are razor sharp and are full-tang. The German steel blades have a hand-polished edge of between 14 to 16 degrees. Each individual blade goes through a demanding heat and freezing treatment process that improves the durability, hardness, and rigidity of the blade.

Packaging – When you buy any of the individual knives in the Gladiator series they all come with a high-quality polymer sheaf and a microfiber cloth.

In our mind, the Gladiator series knives are great for a home chef the Rockwell hardness rating of 56 is fine and they are pretty durable knives. As they are softer than for instance high-quality Japanese knives that have a Rockwell hardness HRC rating of 60+ usually they won’t hold an edge so well. If you are a professional working in a kitchen 12 hours a day this might be an issue but for the average home chef the knives will be fine they won’t chip or break and they shouldn’t need much work to keep them sharp.

If these Dalstrong Gladiator knives are looked after they should last a long time. We read through thousands of online reviews and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with rust if the knives are cleaned and stored properly.

Dishwashers should be avoided and the knives hand-washed, dried and then stored in a sheaf, knife roll or block.

So let’s look at the mega-knife block set in the Gladiator series and then some of the most popular and highest rated knives in the collection.


Gladiator Series Colossal Knife Set

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Gladiator Series Colossal Knife Set - German HC Steel - 18 Pc - Walnut Stand

Click image for pricing info on Amazon

Warning, this is a massive set of knives! In fact, if we can find any fault in this product it’s the size if you haven’t got enough free countertop space in your kitchen then you might want to look at other options. But if you are looking for an all in one quality knife set that is pleasing to the eye this is a perfect set.

This set includes all the essential knives you will need from the Dalstrong Gladiator series as well as honing steel and a set of six steak knives. The block is made from solid walnut wood and has a Dalstrong stainless steel emblem displayed prominently.

The knives included are a chef’s knife, Santoku, carving & slicing Knife, Bread Knife, Boning & Filleting Knife, Kirtsuke, Utility knife, Serrated utility knife, paring knife and birds beak paring knife.

Some reviews online have mentioned issues with rusting, there is only one way this is going to happen and that is if you wash the knives and don’t dry them after. If after use you wash them in soapy water [never a dishwasher!] and then make sure that they are thoroughly dried you aren’t likely to have issues with rusting.

Dalstrong really does offer excellent customer service and you will find that if you do have issues with any of your Gladiator series knives then they will bend over backward to rectify the issue.

If you have read plenty of online reviews on this set you will hear time and time again they blow other brands like Cutco out of the water!


Gladiator Series Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8" - Gladiator Series - Forged ThyssenKrupp High Carbon German Steel - Full Tang, Black Pakkawood Handle

Click image for more info on Amazon

There are a number of different Chef’s knives in the Gladiator range but in this knife review we are going to talk about the 8” chef’s knife but they also have the option of a 6”, 7” or 10” chef knife and a 7.5” serrated version.

There are plenty of great chef knives on the market but let’s look at the Gladiator 8” chef knife and see why it stands out. If you check out the reviews for this knife on Amazon and other online sites you’ll see feedback from recreational and professional chefs as well as BBQ pitmasters describing how good it is.

With great balance and a clean and sharp edge, this will cut through meat like butter and slice and dice with the best. The ergonomic handle lets it sit firmly in the hand and while the knife is still a beautiful piece of art its not as showy as some of the other Dalstrong knives.

If you are going to start out with one Gladiator series knife this would be our top choice.


Gladiator Series Steak Knives

DALSTRONG Steak Knives Folding Block Set - Gladiator Series - Forged German ThyssenKrupp HC Steel - 8-Piece - Straight-Edge - G10 Premium Handles

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These German steel steak knives are offered as a 4 piece serrated edge set, a 4 piece straight edge set or a big 8 piece straight edge knife set that comes with a beautiful looking storage box.

This would make a perfect gift but you just be warned once you see them you’ll probably want to keep them!

The knife sets offer sheaves for the steak knives to protect the blade of each knife which is a nice touch.

If you are looking to get some steak knives then these could be a good choice, elegant looking and well crafted, they are sharp, hefty and well balanced. As long as you keep them out of the dishwasher you will have a steak knife set that will stand the test of time. Some reviewers mentioned that they used these for more than just steak.


Obliterator Meat Cleaver

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series R - Obliterator Meat Cleaver - 9" - with Stand and Sheath - Massive Heavy Duty - 7CR17MOV High Carbon Steel - 3lbs - 6mm Thick

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There was no way that we could not talk about this ferocious looking Gladiator series knife. If you are looking for the manliest kitchen knife in existence the obliterator has got to be in the top runnings.

If you are a home chef who likes Game of Thrones then this is one knife that you will covet like no other! It looks like a piece of medieval weaponry as much as a culinary tool.

Brutally efficient Dalstrong describes it as a mega-beast, it comes with a razor-sharp blade and is as satisfyingly hefty as it looks. Wielding the obliterator you’ll be able to cut through pretty much any foodstuff be it meat, vegetable or fruit.

It comes with an acacia wood stand that is beautifully crafted by hand when you are not busy obliterating you can display this Dalstrong Knife with pride. It also comes with a handy sheaf if you need to transport your obliterator cleaver.

If you are looking for some specs on the Dalstrong Obliterator weighs a hefty 2.9lbs and is 6mm thick. As far as Rockwell Hardness goes at 60 HRC it’s a lot stronger than all the other knives in the series.

There’s a great review we found on Amazon that made us laugh regarding this knife and the zombie apocalypse.

Read Review Here


Dalstrong Phantom Series Review

Lightweight Entry Level Japanese Steel Knives

Dalstrong describes this as their in-between series, so in essence, you are getting a quality of knife that is somewhere between the Gladiator and the Shogun. This range is made from Japanese AUS-8 steel and has a Rockwell Hardness of 58+.

There is less blade height and width with the Dalstrong Phantom Series of knives. Which makes them lighter and more agile. You also have to be more careful when using them!

Each Phantom series blade has been hand sharpened

Each blade is painstakingly hand sharpened using a traditional Japanese method called Honzabuke bringing the edge to a razor-sharp 13-15 degrees.

While the Dalstrong Phantom has excellent functionality with razor-sharp forged blades, ergonomic handles and fantastic balance they also look amazing.

With the Phantom knives, you get a premium-quality DragonLock Saya sheaf to protect your knife.

If you look at the image you’ll see the elegantly engraved Japanese Kanji script for phantom and the Dalstrong name along the spine of the knife.

As usual with Dalstrong knives, this gets stellar reviews online from both the home chefs and the professionals.

If you are looking for a lightweight more nimble Japanese steel knife series then this would be a good fit.

Cons – the handle is D-shaped and made to a traditional Japanese design, which for most people is great and will fit very comfortably into the hand but if you are left-handed the Phantom series knife is probably not a good fit.


DALSTRONG Phantom Series Chef Knife  

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8" - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon - AUS8 Steel - Sheath

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The Phantom series has a choice of an 8″ or 9 1/2″chef knife. These are lightweight knives that give you more control when cutting and your hands get less tired if using the chef knife over long sessions in the kitchen.

A chef knife is a must-have knife for any kitchen be it a home or restaurant one. This has all the style and functionality you would expect. The slightly lower quality Japanese steel means that it is easier to keep sharp.

Online reviews have mentioned that the pakkawood handle is easy to grip even when wet and that the Asian style round design looks good and is comfortable in the hand. One pro chef review mentioned that he used this same knife 14-16 hours a day in a restaurant kitchen and it performed well.

In our opinion a good option for an entry-level Japanese steel chef knife.


Phantom Series 9″ Bread Knife

DALSTRONG - Bread Knife - 9" - Phantom Series - Japanese High-Carbon - AUS8 Steel - Sheath

Click image for more info on Amazon

Let’s throw another cliche out there by calling this Dalstrong knife the best thing since sliced bread. If you bake a lot of artisan bread you’ll understand that having a great knife for the job is very important, you don’t want to be creating a breadboard full of crumbs and you don’t want to crush the bread.

The Dalstrong bread knife has a blade with a serrated edge, the serrations are curved rather than pointed so they won’t get caught on the loaf or tear it. This knife will let you cut thin and even cuts with just one single stroke.

Of course, this knife doesn’t have just the one use, its serrated teeth mean that it’s great for cutting melons, roasts and all sorts of other things, for instance, one home cook mentioned she used it to cut up a block of chocolate for baking.

A long serrated-knife is a great addition to any knife collection, and this is another solid Dalstrong knife that you will get years of use from if looked after correctly.


Dalstrong Crusader Series Review

The Dalstrong Crusader combines a minimalist design with a more historical looking medieval crusader blade. This is another series that utiles German steel.

These are All-steel knives from the blade to the high-chromium handle, the added chromium will help prevent rust.

Forged ThyssenKrupp German steel, a 58+ Rockwell, hand sharpened to 16-18 degrees, NSF certified and with a lifetime warranty, Dalstrong once again deliver.

The aesthetics of a knife will be purely down to the individual but if you like a paired down minimalistic surgical look then these knives will tick all those boxes.

As you usual Dalstrong has gone above and beyond in how these ones are presented and stored. They arrive beautifully packed with the usual Dalstrong pin and microfiber to polish your knives. Each knife in this series also has a magnetic sheath handcrafted from Acacia wood.

The design makes them easy to clean and they are exceptionally hygienic as there are no areas for bacteria to settle in.

We’d be lying if we said that these were our favorite Dalstrong series but as entry-level knives for a home chef who wants a design that fits in with a modern kitchen and doesn’t want to spend a fortune then these knives would be a great pick.


Crusader Series 8″Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG - Crusader Series - Chef Knife 8" - Forged Thyssenkrupp High-Carbon German Stainless Steel - w/Magnetic Sheath - NSF Certified

As usual with Dalstrong you get a quality chef knife that is sharp right out of the box. Sleek and easy to look after this is going to appeal to the home chef more than the professional.

We aren’t too sure about the stainless steel handle for long hours in a pro kitchen, we’ve found that stainless steel can be a little slick for gripping a handle over long periods and because of this the ergonomics might be a bit out. We could be completely wrong though!

For a home chef who is only likely to be using it for short lengths of time, this shouldn’t be an issue. Reading online reviews from the recreational chefs they found this chef’s knife well balanced and great to use.


Dalstrong Shadow Black Series Review

Knives for Ninjas!

Dalstrong describes their Shadow Black series as ‘menacing’ and to tell you the truth they do look pretty intimidating. For all your stealthy kitchen ninja’s [whatever that means!] read on.

The features included with all the Shadow Black series knives include;

The Blade – with a scalpel-sharp edge the blade is crafted from high carbon vacuum treated 7CR17MOV-X German steel. All the knives are full tang and have a Rockwell Hardness of 58+. The shadow series black gets its name from the non-reflective Titanium Nitride black coating that not only gives the Shadow Black knives an aesthetically pleasing look it also makes them more resistant to corrosion.

The Handle – The handle is in midnight black and made from tough G10 there is some slight texturing to add to its non-slip properties and is described by online reviewers as extremely comfortable in the hand.

Packaging and Design – As usual Dalstrong has produced another beautiful set of knives, if you are buying them individually you get a matching black sheath to protect the blade, as well as a Dalstrong logo and pin, embossed with the Shadow Black design.


Shadow Black Series 5-Piece Knife Block Set

Dalstrong 5-Piece Knife Block Set - Shadow Black Series - Black Titanium Nitride Coated German HC Steel

Click image for more product details on Amazon

We can pretty much guarantee that these knives will be a talking point when anyone sees them on your countertop, the knife set looks really striking.

This set comes with the following knives:

  • 3.75″ Paring Knife
  • 5.5″ Utility Knife
  • 6.5″ Serrated Knife
  • 7″ Santoku
  • 8″ Chef’s Knife

This is a great little set with all the most common knives that a home chef will need. They all come sharp out of the box and Dalstrong has their usual lifetime warranty as they do with all their knife sets.

We’ve got nothing bad to say about this set, again it all comes down to the appearance if you like the idea of the black titanium coating that is both functional and adds eye-catching appeal they might be a great fit for you.


Shadow Black Series 7″ Santoku Knife

DALSTRONG Santoku Knife -7"- Shadow Black Series - Black Titanium Nitride Coated - High Carbon - 7CR17MOV-X Vacuum Treated Steel- Sheath - NSF Certified

Click image for pricing info on Amazon

Super sharp and holds an edge well and with a comfortable ergonomic grip, this is a great Santoku and can be used for all sorts of cutting and chopping tasks in the kitchen. Reading reviews online both the pros and amateurs appreciated the sharpness and balance of the knife. The non-stick functionality was great for cutting vegetables.

The Santoku is lighter than the Gladiator and Shogun series so if you are going to be using the knife for long sessions in a kitchen then this is a good option.


Dalstrong Shogun Series Review

Superior High-Quality Steel Design

While German steel is high-quality it really can’t beat Japanese steel and the Shogun series boasts an HRC of 62+.

These knives take 60 days to craft, any amateur or professional chef will delight in the superior look and design as well as amazing craftsmanship that has been put into this product.

So let’s look at some of the features;

Blade – Takefu Japanese AUS-10V steel, razor-sharp and 67 Layered Damascus sharpened using the Honbazuke method that Dalstrong has perfected. As you will see in the images the beautiful Tsunami Rose pattern on the blade makes these knives really stand out from their competitors.

Handle – The G-10 handle will prove extra longevity for these knives. They have a traditional Japanese Octogan design that makes them easy to hold and comfortable to grip for those long kitchen shifts.


Shogun Series X 5 piece Knife Set Block

DALSTRONG Knife Set Block - Shogun Series X Knife Set - AUS-10V High-Carbon Japanese Super Steel - 5 pieces

Click image for more info on Amazon

Rather than producing a huge knife set like the Gladiator, the Shogun Series 5 piece block includes all the essentials and doesn’t include knives that you are not likely to ever use.

The knives included are

8″ Bread Knife

8″ Chef Knife

7″ Santoku Knife

6″ Utility Knife

3.5″ Paring Knife

The block is really beautiful it is made of Handcrafted Acacia wood and stands on a stainless steel base engraved with the Dalstrong Lions head logo.

Online reviewers love how sharp the knives are out of the box, that the knife block takes up little space on the countertop and the amazing customer service they were given.

A negative was that the knives didn’t come with sheaves which made them difficult to transport individually but as most working chefs tend to have their own knife roll this isn’t a real issue. For the home chef, they are not likely to be transporting their knives.


Shogun Series 9.5″ Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Chef's Knife - Shogun Series - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Vacuum Treated (7" Chef Knife, Black)

Click image to see latest price on Amazon

We are going to look at the 9.5″ Shogun chef’s knife but you can choose sizes from 6″ to 12″ if they suit your purposes better.

This chef knife is lightweight and well balanced so perfect for any culinary worker in need of a chef knife that can perform well over long periods. The blade width is 45.6mm which is ideal for slicing. Reviewers were impressed by the packaging and overall level of care that had gone into these knives. They loved the blade retention and sharpness, frankly, there was little to be displeased about and with Dalstrongs guarantee you can’t really lose out if you did have an issue.


Shogun Series Ultimate Utility Knife

DALSTRONG- Ultimate Utility Knife - Shogun Series X - Damascus - 6" Sandwich Knife and Spreader- Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Vacuum Treated - Guard Included

Click image for more product details on Amazon

This is described as a sandwich knife and spreader and while it is superb at these tasks it is much more than this.

As well as being perfect for cutting burger buns, bagels and crusty artisan bread it can slice vegetables. For us its the perfect burger knife, for cutting buns, slicing tomatoes and onions and spreading the butter and sauces.

The knife is nice and weighty and won’t leave crumbs or juice from the vegetables it will just clean slice through.

If you are looking for a quirky but useful knife for your collection or to buy as a gift then this one would do the trick.


Shogun Series 3pc Paring Knife Set 

DALSTRONG - Shogun Series 3pc Paring Knife Set - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - 3.75" Paring - 2.75

Click image for pricing info on Amazon

This elegant little paring knife set consists of 3 knives:

3.75″ Paring

3.5″ Serrated

2.75″ Bird’s Beak

All come with protective sheaves and as usual with Dalstrong are sharp, well balanced and look amazing. You’ll likely prefer one type of paring knife over another but all will come in useful. If you are a completist with your knife collection these will be great for ticking off your list.


Dalstrong Omega Series Review

These knives are the best of the best and you will need to invest a little more in these knives but if you read the features of these knives you’ll understand why.

They are made from American BD1N-V hand-forged steel, with ergonomic G-10 handles the elegant blade pattern not only looks stunning it minimizes drag. The blades have a Rockwell Hardness of 63+. Each knife comes with a stylish leather sheaf.


Omega Series Kiritsuke 8.5″Chef Knife

DALSTRONG - Kiritsuke Chef Knife - 8.5" - Omega Series - American BD1N-VX - Hyper Steel - w/Sheath

Click image for more info on Amazon

Display your chef knife with pride on the hand-made acacia wood stand or if you want to transport it use the leather sheaf. We’ve seen some great chef knives over the years but this is really one of the best looking we’ve seen.

Comments online from users who have purchased this top of the range knife describe it as solid in the hand and as sharp as a sharks tooth! It’s a little bit heavier than some of the other chef knives they produce but it is well balanced and the handle offers a nice grip. The non-stick blade was also given the thumbs up.


Dalstrong Accessories Review

If you are going to go the whole hog and want to check out some of the accessories that Dalstrong product to complement their knives then these are some of the ones we like.


Dragon Spire Knife Block

DALSTRONG Knife Block - 'Dragon Spire' Double-Sided Magnetic Walnut Block Holder and Stand - Holds 12pc

Click image to see latest price on Amazon

If you are buying Dalstrong knives separately and are in the market for a knife block then this is definitely in the running. It holds 12 knives and is made from walnut wood, the block is designed so that it can be kept hygienic easily.


Dalstrong Whetstone Kit

DALSTRONG - Premium Whetstones - Extra Large Grit Stones - Top-Grade Corundum - Thick - Ultra-Durable… (#1000/#6000 Grit Premium Whetstone Kit)

A whetstone shouldn’t be an afterthought if you want to keep an edge on your knives. The sets are premium quality and include everything you need;

  • Grit Sharpening Stone
  • Grit Finishing Stone
  • Handcrafted Acacia Wood Base
  • Silicone Non-Slip Stone Holder
  • Rust & Stain Remover
  • Nagura Flattening Stone
  • Detailed step-by-step Sharpening Guide


Chefs Aprons

Dalstrong Professional Chef's Kitchen Apron - 100% Cotton Denim - 4 Storage Pockets - Liquid Repellent Coating - Genuine Leather Accents - Adjustable Straps (The Night Rider - 100% Cotton Black Denim)

Click image for pricing info on Amazon

If you are going to go the whole hog and rely on Dalstrong for more than just knives their range of aprons are excellent quality, a little on the pricey side but as with all Dalstrong products they look amazing and are extremely functional.


Knife Rolls

Available in 6 different colors [our favorite is the desert drifter] if you need to travel or transport your own knives and want to keep them pristine then this is the perfect knife roll

Dalstrong - Nomad Knife Roll - 12oz Heavy Duty Canvas & Top Grain Leather Roll Bag - 13 Slots - Interior and Rear Zippered Pockets - Blade Travel Storage/Case (Desert Drifter (Brown))

Click image to see latest price on Amazon


Dalstrong Knife Review Summary

Wow! thanks for reading this far, it took a lot of time to research and compile all the information for this Dalstrong knife review. We could have written a whole lot more but we know that time is precious so decided to cap the size of the article. As you probably realized we love Dalstrong knives and are happy to get the word out that they are great knives. Overall performance-wise they do a great job but if you want knives that will get heads turning then their unique aesthetic appeal should do this.


Dalstrong FAQs

Where are Dalstrong Knives Made?

Dalstrong Knives are made in China however while this would normally be a red flag lets explain why this isn’t a bad thing. Dalstrong knives are created In a state of the art facility in the knife crafting town of Yanjing, where they have been crafting knives for over 1,500 years.

The foreman has trained for years in Japan and he leads a team of expertly training knife makers who have been taught the skills of Japanese knife craft.

This level of expertise would normally result in a much higher overall price but you are getting a crafted quality knife at a more affordable price because of the reduced overheads from being based in China.

What Warranty Do Dalstrong Knives Have?

Dalstrong is a small family run business that has a great reputation for their customer care. They offer a 120-day full money-back guarantee shipping included as well as a limited lifetime warranty

Are Dalstrong Knives Dishwasher Safe?

It’s never a good idea to put any quality knife in a dishwasher. Not only is the heat likely to warp the knife handle, but the chemicals from a dishwasher can also stain and tarnish blades. Handwashing is the only real solution if you want to protect your Dalstrong knives from rust and damage.

Do Dalstrong Knives stay Sharp?

Dalstrong knives are already sharp straight out of the box so they can be used immediately but you will need to keep them from dulling. We suggest regularly honing them to remove the burr and sharpening from time to time to maintain the edge. Honing the knives should be done regularly and sharpening using a whetstone depending on how much use your knives are getting.

What is the Better Brand Dalstrong or Wusthoff?

We actually discuss this in our Dalstrong vs Wusthoff article where we look at the two brands side by side and discuss the pros and cons of both.

Which Knives are Best Zelite or Dalstrong?

Both Zelite and Dalstrong make exceptional knives we compare the two brands in our Zelite vs Dalstrong Knives article.

which Dalstrong Series Is Best?

This will depend on your individual needs and what you are comfortable paying. The best entry point is with the Gladiator series as they are the most affordable.

But if you want Japanese steel and higher quality then think about the Shogun or Phantom series. The crusader has a more modern design, while the shadow black gives a sinister appearance to the knives.

Lastly, you have the top of the range Omega series. Whichever you choose all the collections will offer incredibly great value for knives of this quality.