Best 60cc Chainsaw


What is the Best 60cc Chainsaw?

We’ve just spent a number of hours researching various 60cc chainsaw to find what is our choice for the best on the market. We narrowed it down to one model and that is the  Husqvarana 24-Inch Rancher Chainsaw.

Is this  Husqvarana 60cc chainsaw capable of doing everything that needs to be done?

Is it as good as people says it is?

In this review, we’re going to go over all of that. While the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is our top pick we have also found a budget option from a lesser known brand that is getting very good reviews and might suit those who would like to save a little money. This is the Homdox 62cc Gas Powered Chainsaw and we will review this after we have detailed the features and pros and cons of the Husqvarna  Rancher.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Review

Sure, you can always find cheaper models on the market, but they may not have all of the features that the 460 Rancher has.

When it comes to chainsaws, as you know, they are dangerous tools, so you should not go for one that is lacking in safety features and ergonomics – those are needed.

When you’re out there looking for a chainsaw, always look at the safety features – you need to find one that you can comfortably carry around and use without having any discomfort. That’s why I recommend the Husqvarana, because not only is it easy and comfortable to use, but there are also many security features.

When looking for a chainsaw, safety should be your top concern. The Husqvarana 460 Rancher has an anti-vibration function, which is great for those that work in the forest industry as it will help prevent a condition called hand-arm vibration syndrome, or HAVS for short.


Air Injection – The centrifugal air cleaning system is responsible for eliminating larger debris particles before it gets into the air filter. In return this will improve the engine life and reduce air filter cleanings.

X-Torq Engine – This engine consumes less fuel and reduces exhaust emission levels.

Anti-Vibration – This is a feature that minimizes operator fatigue and is perfect if you plan on using the chainsaw for a prolonged period of time.

Side-Mounted Chain Tensioner – This makes it so that you can easily access the chain tensioning device.

Smart Start – Gone are the days when you’d have to sit there and try to get the chainsaw started for what seemed like forever. The Rancher has a smart start engine that is designed to start with minimum effort.

Adjustable Oiler Pump – This is a great feature that will allow you to have control over the oil flow.

Inertia Activated Chain Brake – This is a good safety feature that will help reduce the risk of an injury as a result of kickback.

Air Purge – This feature is responsible for eliminating air from the fuel system and carburetor.

Front Handle Ergonomics – This will give you a better grip on the handle and will help reduce fatigue.

Combined Choke/Stop Control – This feature helps decrease the risk of engine flooding and makes starting the chainsaw easier.

Felling Marks – There’s distant marks that will make for better felling precision.

There are very few negative reviews online and most users compare it favourably against the more expensive Stihl range of Chainsaws. The one thing that did come up a few times though was that users thought it might perform better with a 20 inch bar and chain and some mentioned that they would probably change the 24 inch chain with a 20 inch once the bar and chain needed replacing.

The Husqvarana 460 Rancher has a lot of nice features nesting behind it, giving us a lot to love and if you can afford it, I highly recommend this chainsaw. If it’s not in your budget (I can understand this), finding a good chainsaw that is cheaper isn’t going to be an easy journey. However, I did some research for you and found what I feel is the best chainsaw that might just fit your budget.

Homdox Chainsaw Review [62cc]

By getting the Homdox gas powered chainsaw, you will save a fair few dollars. I feel that this chainsaw is intended for farmers/ranchers and homeowners that are looking for a medium duty chainsaw.


Ergonomic Handle – The ergonomic handle is a great addition to this chainsaw. It makes it so that the user is balanced and it is comfortable to use.

Anti-Kick – The anti-kick back chain has been designed for effective anti-vibration, which is something I explained to you when I was talking about the 460 Rancher.

Powerful Engine – The engine is capable of delivering steady power to the 20-inch bark. To be exact, it’s a 58cc 2-cycle 3.5 HP engine. The engine is capable of performing medium-duty to big jobs. To give you some ideas, you can use it to cut firewood, for storm clean-up, and clearing out fallen trees.

Assisted Starting System and Quick Stopping – These are good user safety features.

Automatic Chain Oiler and Quick Release Air Filter – This extends the life of the chainsaw and will help keep the tool in good working status.

Most of the user reviews online are positive, in fact we found only one that wasn’t and that described this chainsaw as not ‘user friendly’ and we are really not sure what the female review had issues with, maybe she did not have much experience with chainsaws.

There is a good video review of the Homdox Chainsaw that we thought gave a good overview of the saw in action.

Click Here for Homdox Chainsaw Review Video


If you are looking for a chainsaw that had a trusted brand name behind it and you are going to be felling or cutting a lot of wood then the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is going to be worth the investment. The Homdox is getting great reviews and while the brand is not so well known this chainsaw looks like it can handle a lot of work and and is a good inexpensive alternative.