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Back in the day, in order to have a spa hot tub, you were forced to spend thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, for that reason, many weren’t able to have their own hot tub. However, now, in today’s world, times have surely changed. What would you do if we told you could have a spa hot tub, without having to spend a couple thousand dollars up front? For a little under $400, you can have a hot tub in your own backyard! Today, we are going to take some time to introduce you to the Intex Pure Spa Hot Tub.

The Intex PureSpa is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs currently on the market and that is one of the reasons we decided to review it. One of the reasons it is the most popular is because when you compare it to other models, it’s inexpensive. For this reason, a lot of families are able to afford it. In addition, it is produced by Intex, which is a well-known brand name company – they are known for making high-quality inflatable products as well as above ground swimming pools – they have been up and running for over 40 years.

Of course, we’d by lying if we told you the Intex PureSpa is for everyone because it certainly isn’t. There are both pros and cons of owning this inflatable spa and we believe it is only fair that we tell you about all of them before you purchase the product.

Intex PureSpa Specs:

• Can seat up to four people
• Ade with 3-ply laminate material that is strong and puncture-resistant
• Maximum water temperature reaches 104 F degrees
• Fiber-tech beams in the walls of the spa – this ensures extra firmness
• Dimensions: 77” diameter, 28” tall
• Weight: When the tub is filled (210 gallons), it weighs 1800 pounds.
• 120 Bubble jets running around the bottom of the spa

Package includes:

• The spa
• Thermal ground cloth
• Insulated cover with straps and a child security lock
• Pump with an easy-to-use control panel
• 2 filter cartridges
• Built-in hard water treatment systems
• 3-way test strip
• Inflation hose
• Floating chlorine dispenser
• Carrying bag

A Look at the Pros of the Intex Pure Spa Hot Tub

Indoors or Out

With in-ground spas, you don’t really have this option. Since this one is portable and inflatable, you can easily use it indoors or outdoors. In fact, when winter hits, you can take it inside (just make sure your floor is able to hold it as it can be pretty heavy when it has water in it).

The Price

Oh yes, the price is definitely a pro. Not only is this product low-priced, it also offers good value. It is easy to use, well made and can last for years. The cost of this unit costs less than hot tub covers for portable fabricated tubs – isn’t that an interesting thought?

Easy to Take Care of

This tub right here is easy to take care of, no questions asked. The low maintenance is a major eye catcher, especially if you don’t like cleaning. It even comes with a floating chlorine dispenser and replaceable filters – those do the water treatment and cleaning for you.

Has a Sturdy Frame

Yes, this is a blow-up spa, but that doesn’t mean it has to feel flimsy. Believe it or not, this one right here has a sturdy frame. This unit is so sturdy that numerous people can sit on the outer wall of the hot tub. You don’t have to worry about the spa imploding or exploding.

The inflatable spa has durability and strength, but at the same time, you also have the softness of the base and wall of the tub. When you use concrete or pre-formed tubs, you don’t have that soft feature. Think about the soft feel of a pool lounger, now imagine that for a spa, except more durable and a lot stronger.

Built-in Water Treatment

As an added bonus, Intex has included a built-in hard water treatment system. This system is responsible for softening hard water. Soft water has a more luxurious feel on the hair and skin, so it’s beneficial for your body. When you use soft water, there will be less wear-and-tear on the pump. For this reason, you won’t have many problems and it will last for a longer period of time, so with the built-in water treatment come multiple benefits.

A Look at the Cons of the Intex Spa Hot Tub

The Price to Heat the Spa

Of course, the price to heat the spa will all depending on the climate you’re using in or whether or not you’re using it outdoors or indoors. With that said, many times, inflatable spas have the tendency to lose heat faster than the traditional spas that have thicker foam insulation in them. In order to lower the cost of heating, you can heat your tub part-time.

No seats included with the Spa

Being that there are no seats in the spa, this can be a downfall. Most inflatable hot tubs don’t come with a built-in seat and the same goes for the Intex PureSpa. Mind you, this doesn’t mean it’s a bad spa, it’s still good and as a plus side, when you sit down, even if there are no chairs, it’s still comfortable.

No Bells and Whistles

Personally, we don’t care too much for waterfalls and colored lights when relaxing in the hot tub, so this isn’t all that big of a con for us. However, there are some out there that may be looking for an enhanced spa experience, so we feel the need to list this. The PureSpa doesn’t have any special lighting or waterfalls – it’s your basic spa. If you like the additional ambiance of special colored lighting, then you can easily get colored floating lights that have been designed specifically for using in a pool or hot tub.

Intex Pure Spa Reviews Video

Additional Features of the Intex Spa

Jet Massage

The Jet Massage comes with a hard water treatment system, which we previously mentioned. Depending on the water you use, you may notice a difference here. If you are used to taking a shower in hard water, then you’re going to find soft water more relaxing and soothing to your skin. Some people actually get softeners to use for their shower heads because it is very beneficial to the hair.

Insulated Cover

Most Intex inflatable spas come with an insulated cover – the cover is useful as it not only helps to keep debris out of the spa, it also helps lower the heating costs.

Saltwater Sanitation

In addition to all of the above, the Intex Spa includes a saltwater sanitation combo system. This means you can kiss all of those harsh chemicals goodbye once and for all – you will no longer have to use those chemicals in order to treat the water. Harsh chemicals can aggravate allergies and irritate sensitive skin in some people.

All of the water treatment and filtration systems that we mentioned in this Intex Spa hot tub review have been built-into the spa. It’s simple to use – it contains push-button technology that will make caring for your hot tub simple.

A Look at the Control Panel

There’s a digital control panel that will allow you to choose the appropriate temperature of the water. There’s a plastic cover on top of the control board, which will keep it safe and shield it from debris and bugs. The cover easily snaps into position securely and has a self-locking system.

Set-Up and Installation

Don’t worry, because the set-up and installation process isn’t going to take long. This spa has been designed as a plug-and-play. This means you can quickly set it up. The box that it comes in is fairly large and the parts have been packaged in different units, in order to keep everything organized. There’s a DVD that comes with the spa – you should watch it so that you can familiarize yourself with the build process. Fortunately, nothing else is required for installment – everything you need can be found inside the box.

There’s also an inflatable pump that is included along with a PSI scale.


The Intex spa hot tub is an exceptional product for those that are not able to invest thousands of dollars in a traditional spa. This is priced low, but made of high-quality materials. Point blank, it offers the hot tub experience you have been dreaming of and is well worth every penny.

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