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If you’re like me, and you enjoy lounging outside, then you need something a bit more comfortable than the typical lawn chair to sit in. There are many different types of outdoor patio furniture you can choose from, but a traditional approach would be an outdoor sectional sofa. A sectional sofa is a great way to add a nice, unique design to your backyard, and of course, it’s also a good way to be able to seat more people.

Sure, there are also loveseats that you can get for your backyard or patio, but they’re not that great at seating a lot of guests, and in my opinion, they don’t look as good. Of course if you have the room and budget buy both! You will have extra seating and an even nicer garden.

If you want the best of both worlds why not check out this loveseat and outdoor sectional combo below, we haven’t yet reviewed this one but its likely to be added to our recommendations



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Why Do I Recommend Sectionals Over Loveseats?

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, I prefer sectionals over loveseats due to the fact that they are great for seating more guests. If you hold large gatherings, then outdoor sectional sets are highly recommended. Many don’t go for sectional sets due to the fact that they feel it will put a damper on their arrangements.

However, contrary to what people believe, you can move outdoor sectionals around and even break them up into smaller sections.

If you have a large outdoor space available, then you can add a sectional to make it look cozy. I believe this is much better than filling it up with decorations and tables, because when you add an outdoor sectional, you’re adding extra seats.

The Best Sectionals for Outdoor Use

small 5 Pieces Patio Furniture Sectional Set Outdoor All Weather

If you are looking for a smaller budget sectional this 5 piece set is available on Amazon click the image to see ratings and reviews


Quick Comparison 

If you are in a hurry these are our top picks for some of the best sectional outdoor furniture available to buy on Amazon right now



Suncrown Outdoor Sectional Set Review

SUNCROWN Outdoor Patio Furniture 7-Piece Wicker Sofa Set, Washable Seat Cushions with YKK Zippers and Modern Glass Coffee Table, Waterproof Cover and clips, Brown



If comfort is at the top of your list, then the Suncrown outdoor sectional would be great for you.

Fits Up to 6 People

This sectional is capable of sitting up to 6 people.


It comes with a nice table that will come in handy for holding your drinks and food. The tabletop looks elegant as it’s made of glass.

Wicker Style and Thick Cushions

The furniture is made of brown resin wicker and the cushions are thick. It has cushion covers that can be removed so that you can wash them.

Three Sections

This sectional has a total of three sections. There’s a chaise section that you can switch from the right and left side, depending on your design. It also comes with a separate chair, and as I mentioned above, a nice table.

This is a great set that I highly recommend as long as it fits your budget. The seat clips, Velcro seat cushions, and the fact that the cushions are waterproof make this a great set. Also, the manufacturer even put in extra tools for you to make the assembly process easy.


Riviera Portofino Semicircular Sectional Sofa Review

Riviera Portofino Outdoor Patio Furniture Wicker 6 Piece Semicircular Sectional Sofa Seating Set w/Waterproof Cushions (Standard Ottoman, Beige)

If you’re looking for a design that is unique and will stand out from the crowd, then the Riviera Portofino Semicircular Sectional Sofa would be a great choice. If your backyard is in need of some sprucing up, then I highly recommend this.



The set comes with a neat table that can hole an umbrella. Just take note that the umbrella is sold separately. This is okay, because you can buy an umbrella that fits your style.

4 Sections for Seating

The Riviera Portofino offers a total of 4 sections for seating.


An ottoman is included with this set, which is great for lounging.


Each sectional of this set comes with two back cushions. The cushions are durable and waterproof.

You Can Leave it Outside

The rust proof aluminum frame means that you can leave this furniture outside, without worrying about it getting ruined by bad weather.

This entire set just screams “it’s time to relax outside.” If you want to stand out from the crowd and have an outdoor sectional that no one else has on your block, then this one right here might just be the choice for you.

Gotland 6 Piece Outdoor Sectional Review

Gotland 6 Piece Outdoor Rattan Sectional Sofa Patio Wicker Furniture Set,with PE Wicker Weather Cushions & Tea Table

If you’re looking for an affordable sectional, then the Gotland 6 piece sectional might just be in your budget. Don’t let the price fool you though, because this is a beautiful sectional that will do a great job at highlighting your poolside or patio decoration.



The fabric color of the Gotland 6 piece sectional is tan, while the wicker color is brown. The colors are very fashionable.

Removable Washable Cushion Covers

You can take the cushion covers, remove them and handwash them. I recommend washing them on a routine basis in order to keep them looking new.

Design Your Own Combination

Each piece is separate, so you can place them how you want. Whether it’s for having lunch, partying, catching a quick name, or reading, you can design it however you want. You can even buy a middle sofa piece to go with it, but this is sold separately.


The design is user-friendly as it features seat clips. The seat clips make it so that the pieces don’t slide apart.


Included with this set, you will receive: 2 armless sofas, 1 corner sofa, 1 right arm sofa, 1 left arm sofa, 5 seat cushions, 1 coffee table, and 6 back cushions (5 are long, 1 is short).

This sectional is perfect for outdoor areas such as balconies, a small deck, terrace or apartment.

Do4u 7 Piece Outdoor Sectional Set Review

Do4U Patio Sofa 7-Piece Set Outdoor Furniture Sectional All-Weather Wicker Rattan Sofa Turquoise Seat & Back Cushions, Garden Lawn Pool Backyard Outdoor Sofa Wicker Conversation Set (Turquoise)

Another affordable outdoor sectional that would look great in your backyard is the Do4u 7 piece sectional. This is a modern set that will provide a comfortable and stylish place to lounge in your backyard, patio, poolside, or wherever you choose.

This is an all-weather resistance patio set that will help brighten up wherever you put it. It will help make the outside of your home look just as good as your inside. It comes in either turquoise or beige fabric.



The cushions that come with this set are comfortable and thick. They are the type that are zipped up and are filled with sponge that is 4” thick. They are comfortable and great for relaxing on an you don’t have to worry about them wearing down after using them.

Tempered Glass Top Table

The tempered glass top table looks great with this set. The frame is made from rust-resistant steel and is durable, and light in weight. While it may be durable, the construction quality is top notch.

Sofa Clips

Sofa clips are included with this set. These clips will help hold everything in place, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Included with this set, you will receive: 4 middle sections, 2 corner sections, 8 back cushions, 6 seat cushions, and 2 red pillows.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re looking for the type of sectional that will add a little more flair to your backyard, then this set will definitely do the trick – the color makes it stand out from the crowd.

Buying Guide for The Best Outdoor Sectional Furniture

Supernova Outdoor Furniture 12 Pieces Garden Patio Sofa Set | Wicker Rattan Sectional Sofa | Fully Assembled | Aluminum Frame | Brown

What Type of Shapes are Available?

When it comes to picking out your sectional, you’re going to be faced with many different choices. When picking out your design, make sure you take the area you will be putting the sectional into consideration. The type you choose will depend on how big or little your floor space is.

In this section, I’m going to introduce you to the different shapes that you can choose from.

L-Shaped Sectional

I found that the L-shaped sectional is quite versatile. I probably don’t have to describe the look to you, because it is exactly how it sounds – it is a sectional that is shaped like an L. When you look at it, it looks as if you took two different sofas and attached them together.

These are great for putting in corners, so if you have a corner to fill up, the L-shaped sectional would be a great choice.

U-Shaped Sectional

If you have a large space to put your new sectional, then you’re going to want to go for the U-shaped one. The U-shaped sectional will add additional seating and you will still have that cozy feel to it.

Curved Sectional

The curved sectional is the type of sectional that used two separate pieces to form a nice looking circle. Take note that this type isn’t going to sit right against the wall.


A Chaise sectional is basically a sofa that has an extra seat extension on one side, and includes an ottoman. If you love going outside and stretching out, then this is a great type to get. Whether or not you choose to attach the ottoman to it is fully up to you.

Sleeper Sectional

Many people love the sleeper sectional inside their home, but haven’t thought of using one outside. Believe it or not, there are actual sleeper sectionals that can be used outside.

If you’re the type of person that loves to sleep outside, but you don’t really want to lay on the ground, then the sleeper sectional is a good option for you.

Modular or Stationary

When you choose a sectional for your patio, or poolside, it may be stationary. A stationary sectional means that you cannot just pull the sectional apart and move it wherever you please and you cannot add other shapes and styles with it.

On the other hand, you have a modular sectional. This is the type of sectional that you can move around whenever you feel the need to. You may use a couple of pieces in one sectional, while you put the rest over in the corner. Personally, I prefer the modular sectionals, because they are great for creating seating arrangements that are different.

How about the Arms?

When you are out there looking for the sectional and you are trying to find the best you can get for your price range, you should take a look at the arms.

You have RAF and LAF. What does this mean?

Well, LAF is an abbreviation for “Left-arm-Facing,” and you guessed it, “RAF” is an abbreviation for “right-arm facing.” When you have a LAF, this means that when you’re looking at the sectional, the arm is going to be on the left side. RAF means that it will be on your right.

This may not seem like it matters, but it does if you plan on joining a couple of pieces together – the placement of those arms will matter.

Consider Your Floor Plan

Definitely do not forget to take the floor plan into consideration when you are looking for a sectional. You need to think about how the pieces are going to fit into your outdoor area and avoid guessing

If you are shopping without having any floor plan measurements, then you could end up in for a surprise when you go to set up your new sectional. Therefore, make sure you measure the floor area so that you can avoid this little surprise.

Patio or Sectional – What’s the Difference

If you’re used to patio furniture, you may be wondering why you should get a sectional sofa set. You can figure this out by taking a look at the difference. The biggest difference between these two is the fact that you can purchase a sectional that is customized easier than if you were to purchase the patio sectional set separately.

You see, it is easy to purchase products such as umbrellas, pillows, coffee table and chairs that will match your sectional.


Regardless of who you are, if you enjoy outdoor living and would like to create a nice outdoor space in your backyard to escape from, then I believe a sectional would be the best choice for you. With an outdoor sectional, your possibilities are almost endless – there’s just so many that you can choose from.

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