20 Awesome Backyard BBQ Ideas

It’s that time again – summer! Summer months are my favorite, because of the outside events I get to attend. One of my favorite events involves having a BBQ out back with my friends and family. Here, I am going to share 20 backyard bbq  ideas that I personally love …


1.) Start out by letting guests know exactly what they will be having

you can make a nice menu like this one pictured above.

All you have to do is get a sheet of plywood and paint it with chalkboard paint.

Yes, it really is that easy, and looks so fancy!




2.) Coffee Filters as Hot Dog Holders

Coffee holders aren’t just used for making coffee – you can use them for holding your hot dog at the next backyard BBQ!

They’re flexible, durable, and light in weight ….

much better than the traditional paper plate.




3.) Keep the Food Cold

During the summer months, it is definitely hot outside and spoil could spoil in an instant.

Here’s a great idea for you – take a kiddie pool, fill it with ice and store your food in it.

Just make sure you place it on a table, making it easy for people to get to.


4.) Texas Backyard Burger Recipe

(Watch the Video Here)

I found the perfect burger recipe for a backyard BBQ! This is going to make you want to toss out your traditional burger recipe.  I’m in luck because I actually found a video showing the recipe – I have included it here in case you want to watch it.

5.) Trash Labels

Like any parties, even a backyard BBQ day would need some bins for the trash and these clean, organized bins are a great way to offer this. It can actually be made up of anything you choose. BBQ parties wouldn’t be fun if garbage is all over the place. Make the bins look neat with some décor to add up to the ambience.


6.) A Way to Store Your Drinks

Drinks are obviously important as there will be some scrumptious eating of grilled food.

Beer or other lighter drinks can be served.

But obviously, it has to be cold!

Putting it on a wheelbarrow is actually a nice idea….. A cool touch!

7.) Cool Carnival games

A carnival game would make your BBQ backyard time a bit more enjoyable.

It would be even fun if you had prizes to give away.

Some old bowling pins and some hoops are the only things you’ll need.

While the food is cooking, go ahead and have some fun!

8.) Send Out a Creative Invitation

If you plan on inviting people to your grill party, you might as well have fun with it by making up creative invitations. This one is a simple

This one is a simple option  and involves little work. Whether you’ve invited families, friends or co-workers, this shouldn’t take too much time to make.

9.) A Creative Way to Have Marshmallows

Oh yes! Grilling isn’t just about the meat and the vegetables and beer.

Marshmallows are good too, especially for some appetizer or in between eating your main course.

A soft, sweet food trip isn’t so bad.

And you can be creative too by using branches or long sticks, color it and put some décor and the kids will definitely enjoy it.

They won’t even bother the grown-ups.


10.) Customize Your Shirt

BBQ time isn’t just all about the food.

It can also be about what you’re wearing.

If it’s a family gathering or just with friends, why not put on some shirts to announce, inform just that.

BBQ time with some cool t-shirts.

You can even think of any print you would want it, your very own customization.



11.) Creative Decorations

It’s BBQ time and since you’ll be having some time with people close to you in your backyard, why not arrange a place where they can put their things in a much more creative way.

An old cabinet, perhaps?

With a little bit of decorating, even if it looks old, may it actually look nice and thoughtful at the same time.

It would be easier for them to find their things when the BBQ party is over.

12.) More Labels

Labels with some cute pots can really catch the eye. Or utensils used for the BBQ, you can put it like this, more organized and more beautiful to look at outside.

Especially on a sunny day.


13.) A Firepit

(Watch the video here)

When you say a backyard BBQ, who says you can’t have a firepit?

Too medieval era?

But it’s more fun this way. With just a few stones stacked up, it doesn’t even need to be perfect. I have included a video you can watch.



14.) Decorating with Flowers

When you say BBQ, sometimes it sort of sounds masculine, but just because men are usually the ones doing the grilling, a woman’s touch on your BBQ backyard party wouldn’t be so bad.

Pineapples made into vases? Beautiful flowers in it?

That would make your backyard somewhat like a tropical island.

Making it look like an adventure.


15.) Pizza on the Grill

(Watch the Video Here)


Pizza is the one that makes your mouth water.

Are you craving pizza at your next backyard BBQ?

Watch the video I have included as it will show you how to grill it.


16.) Fun with Lights

And when your BBQ fun has gone through the night,  you can light up your backyard with these cool candle lights, inside a glass bottle.

You can recycle these bottles from your unused glass bottles.

You can use any shape, color, and sizes. Just put the candles inside, and you have an instant creative light.



17.) Watch a Movie Under the Stars

You’ve already had your games, you’ve eaten your grilled food, next up at night time, why not watch movies in your backyard. Adults and kids alike, and then you can grill some more food, and enjoy it while watching that horror or action movie.


18.) Take some Pictures

It is always nice to have some documentation. From the beginning of the BBQ party to the end.

Take pictures with your very own awesome frame.

Just hang it on a tree or lay it on a wall. It doesn’t matter where as long as it’s like this.

You can even have placards used to make it more fun in the pictures.


19.) Play Giant Jenga

The fun doesn’t end, play while the food is still grilling with this giant Jenga.

It will surely make you and your visitors tired before lunch or dinner starts, depending on when your BBQ time begins.

It’s a lot of fun, especially in the backyard.


20.) Keep out of the Sun

If it gets too sunny out there, you can use some white linens or any fabric you have at home.

Make it into a shade to prevent you getting a sunburn or an unwanted tan.

Decorate it like you see in the picture to make it more appealing to you and your guests.


So there you have it – 20 backyard BBQ ideas that you can use at your next BBQ.

Which idea do you plan on using?

Have you got any other ideas?

Let us know in the comments below.

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