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I love to smoke ribs, chicken, turkey and the other favorite smoked foods that you and I usually cook but sometimes I just feel like doing something really different. I took a look on YouTube and I found these crazy recipes that I might try…

I’m not sure if I will just try them out on my Family first or surprise my guests with one of these ideas at my next cookout!


The Swineapple

First up is this tasty combination of pineapple and pig, you just need a few simple ingredients and some basic tools to make this inspired creation.

You’ll need a pineapple, pork loin and bacon for your ingredients and some seasoning, Jeff in the video uses a sweet and spicy seasoning which should work really well but if you want to experiment feel free.

As well as the ingredients you will need some long skewers and implements for hollowing out the pineapple, also some wax paper. He also recommends that you use a Bradley Rack for transporting the swineapple to the smoker.

The process is pretty simple but fairly time-consuming, all you are doing is stuffing a hollowed out pineapple with pork and draping it with bacon. Jeff says that it should take between 4-6 hrs to smoke dependent on your smoker and the weather.

Click the picture below to start watching the video

Smoked Snails

Here’s Jeff again with another weird and wonderful recipe

Many people are put off eating snails by the look or texture of them, personally, I love the taste of them and I love the idea of this simple recipe…if you’ve never eaten escargot before then you should really give them a go.

Very simple ingredients are needed; red wine, garlic, shallots, cracked pepper, butter and of course a can of large escargot [snails]. Some parmesan is an option as well just to finish the dish off, recommended but not vital.

The tools you will need for this recipe are a sharp knife, mason jar, measuring cup, a mesh-screen and some bakeware.

How to Smoke Alligator

Here we have the lovely Donna from Armadillo Pepper smoking an alligator

Depending where you come from in the USA smoked alligator might not be such a big deal down your way but it’s pretty unusual in my neck of the woods!

You can buy alligator meat online so don’t worry if they don’t have it at your local shops.

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Smoked Eggs

OK not that bizarre but I never really thought about smoking eggs, this would be a good addition to a cookout if you have vegetarian guests or family who want to enjoy your BBQ cooking.

So this is Tom from Tom’s Test Kitchen with his smoked devilled eggs recipe…

The ingredients shouldn’t give you much problem just eggs and mayo and something to season, he uses a steak seasoning. He adds some peppers to the smoker at the same time as he is smoking the eggs but he doesn’t actually use them in the recipe.

Smoked Pulled Rabbit

I just love rabbit stew but as it isn’t a common meat Its one of those things I forget about but seeing this recipe has rekindled my interest, especially the idea of smoking it.

If you can shoot rabbit in your location even better as this would be a really cheap option.

So the ingredient for this are; A young rabbit, salt, sugar and a BBQ rub of some sort, you’ll also need a lot of bacon to wrap it in. Rabbit is a really lean meat so you need the bacon to keep it moist.

4-5 hours cooking time

Click on the image to learn how to cook smoked pulled rabbit

I hope you enjoyed these recipes I found and I’d like to know your results and if you find any weird but tasty smoker recipes I’d like to know. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for more and will add them to this article when I find them. Happy Smoking Folks!

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