Kuma Platinum SE Premium Pellet BBQ and Grill Review

If you are seeking out relevant information on the Kuma Platinum SE Premium Pellet BBQ and Grill you are in the right place. We are going to give you a comprehensive overview of this particular pellet grill.

We are going to talk about what the features are. Find out the thoughts and opinions from customers. Look at where to get the best deals and discounts online. And most importantly whether or not it carries out a decent job.


This is a high-end pellet grill from a US company with a solid reputation. The Platinum SE Premium is compared by the manufacturer to other high-end USA made grills such as Memphis and MAK and I believe this is a valid comparison.

Kuma has built a heavy durable grill weighing in at around 200lbs with 60lbs of it made from high grade 304 stainless steel.

Aside from its quality components what you have is a top of the range 4-in-1 premium pellet grill that barbecues, bakes, grills and slow smokes. Forget separate equipment for each job this does it all.

Kuma Pellet Grill Features

Cooks Anything!

You really are limited by your imagination with the variety of food you can cook. Obviously, you can run the gamut of all the usual smoked and grilled foods from smoked turkeys to grilled steaks and burgers.

But what about Pizza or Calzone? Or maybe you want to try a dessert like oat raisin cookies or apple pie?

Big Cooking Surface

The Platinum SE has 640 square inches of grilling and cooking area. The primary cooking surface areas dimensions are 430 square inches. It also includes an additional 210 with the included upper shelf.

Digital Controls

With a simple push of a button, the grill controls the smoke, temperature and convection. It’s easy to use and automate any task all from the display panel.


Quick Grill Zone

One of the main drawbacks of buying a wood pellet grill has been the inability to sear food. With the Kuma Platinum grill, this is not an issue as it has a special functionality that gives you the opportunity for high-temperature grilling. It can sear and grill your burgers and steaks to perfection. It’s as easy as sliding open the quick grill zone using a conveniently located handle. This center cooking grid can reach a temperature of over 600°

Click on the image below to see a video of the quick grill zone in action….


Direct and Indirect Usage of the Kuma Pellet Smoker grill

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Rear Mounted Hopper and Warming Compartment

This sleek design holds a mighty 18 lbs. of fuel and fits perfectly at the rear of the body of the grill. This gives the Kuma pellet grill a minimized streamlined appearance. Beside the hopper is a bonus warmer compartment that can be used to warm burger or hot dog buns or bread for your BBQ. And the Hopper Stopper helps make pellet flavor switches fast and effortless. The simple well thought out design means that there should be no issue with your hopper jamming; something that plagues other pellet grills.


Adjustable Exhaust Vents

On most cookouts you won’t need this function but if the weather conditions are windy and you need to use your grill you can close off the exhaust vent on one side to block the wind. If the weather is cold you can close both of the vents partially to lessen heat loss.



Meat Probe

The included meat probe lets you barbecue your food to an internal temperature that you select. The meat probe is best used when you plan on cooking large cuts of meats, for instance, whole turkeys. If you need to check the internal temperature of small cuts of meat such as steak, fish or chicken thighs it is recommended that you purchase a hand held BBQ Thermometer.


User Reviews

Kuma has been around a while but has only just started selling this pellet grill on Amazon which is where we noticed that it had a 5-star rating review from all its customers.

As this is a fairly new pellet grill on the market there are few reviews at the moment.

Almost all reviewers liked the fact that it was completely manufactured in the USA. They were impressed by both the design and craftsmanship.

One user did mention that it was a high price to pay for a grill but then did validate the cost by saying that you are paying for quality construction and US Labor costs. Another mentioned that it was actually a cost saver as you are getting a grill, BBQ, smoker and oven all for the price of one piece of equipment.

The latest review from 24th June 2016 is another five-star rating this guy mentioned that he liked the fact there wasn’t a possibility of back-burn into the pellet hopper. He also liked that the drip trays were hidden, the great customer service and that it was a  US made quality  Pellet smoker-grill.

However, there is a bit of a learning curve to matching the right food to the right method ‘just a bit of trial and error’ really.


Kumar Platinum and Madera M430 what’s the difference?

Up until recently, it was also marketed as the Madera M430. The main difference is they have got rid of the previous black lid and replaced it with a brushed stainless lid that matches the side shelves. Another minor change is that to prevent temperature loss in high winds they have added adjustable exhaust vents.



The grill has a 5-year limited warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. All of the electronic components have a replacement warranty of 3 years. This warranty doesn’t apply to the burn pot, cooking pot or meat probe, though.

Our Verdict

Kuma stoves have a great track record for quality equipment and a very responsive customer service, this isn’t some call center guy in India, and you’ll talk to one of the guys on the shop floor if you have any issues.

For looks, functionality and sheer versatility it competes highly against other brands of a similar price range or above. Once you have the Kuma Platinum SE Premium Pellet BBQ and Grill you can relax in the knowledge that you have a superior USA crafted cooking station that will cater to all your outdoor cooking needs. If you still are undecided make sure that you bookmark this page as will we regularly update with any further research we do on the Kuma Platinum pellet grill.

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