How to Split Wood

How to Split Wood

For some, splitting wood doesn’t have anything to do with trying to save money on the electric bill – some actually enjoy doing it. You see, when you go out in the wilderness and split wood, a feeling of power will rush over your body like never before. Plus, in the end, you’ll get to sit down in front of your fireplace and enjoy a nice, warm evening as you showcase your hard work burning in the fireplace.  If you are new to splitting wood, we understand that you may need some guidance along the way and that is where this article will come into play. Today, I am going to introduce you to three interesting videos I found on Youtube (isn’t Youtube your one-stop place to learn how to do anything and everything?).

Below, I am going to start out by introducing you to a video on how to split wood with a wedge, then I’m going to move forward to giving you a video on how to ,split wood with a maul, and last, you’ll get a video on how to split wood with a log splitter.

How to Split Wood with a Wedge 

In this video, the guy can be seen splitting wood by hand, using a wedge – this can be done when you don’t have a log splitter. He starts out by showing us how to split a small log, then he moved forward to splitting a larger log. Basically, as he explains, you will want to use a small mallet and place the wedge in the center of the log – give the wedge a couple of hits to get it started. Once the wedge has been secured in the center of the log, take a sledgehammer and hit it. In the video, notice how he has the wood tied up to a bigger tree stump – he does this so that when he’s hitting it, the log doesn’t just fall over on him. Once you’re done splitting it, untie the bungee cords and you will have four pieces of wood.

How to Split Wood with a Maul 

The splitting maul is sometimes just referred to as a maul, but some old-timers refer to it as a splitting axe. The maul is blunt and fat, which is the opposite of an axe. This particular tool is designed to be able to divide a solid piece of wood into two pieces. The dull edge is responsible for exploiting a slice between fibers, and the head that is shaped in a V forces the crack apart. In this particular video, the guy tells you to look for a natural split. He states that the splits have a tendency to show up better a couple of days after you have cut the tree down. Basically, what you need to do is take your splitting mail and hit the log where you see the natural split.

How to Split Wood with a Log Splitter

If you have never used a log splitter before, this is going to be a whole new ballgame to you, but trust me, you’re going to enjoy it as it’s going to make your job a whole lot easier (unless you’re the type that enjoys splitting wood by hand).  In this particular video, the guy can be seen using a gas powered log splitter (in the beginning he explains the mechanics of the machine, which is quite interesting). There’s a valve on the machine that controls the back and forth motion of the piston that has the wedge on it. The video shows you everything from beginning to end and is a must see if you’re looking to learn how to split wood with a log splitter.


Personally, out of the wedge, maul, and log splitter, I prefer using the maul. However, there have been times when I didn’t have a maul available and that’s when I used a wedge (I did it exactly how the video shows you to do it, with the cords and all).  If you’re looking to take the easy route (I don’t blame you if you want to save some time and work), then I’d recommend the log splitter. However, before you go out and purchase the first log splitter you come across, just make sure you take some time to do your research so that you can find the best splitting tool that is within your budget.

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