Who Makes DuroMax Generators?

Today, people throughout the world use generators for a variety of reasons. While some use them for camping purposes, others are using them for emergency purposes. Many homeowners have a generator in their garage so that they will have backup power whenever there is a power outage – businesses use them for the same purpose as well.

When you’re out there looking for a new generator, you want something that is going to be reliable, and not fail you. You need a generator that is going to run properly during your time of need. It is important to do your research in order to find the best brand, because not all generators are made the same.

Some companies will lead you to believe that they offer the best generators you can get, when in all actuality, they are the worst on the street. This could be due to the fact that the manufacturer is using cheap parts outsourced from other countries – many choose to do this in order to cut down the price. Therefore, with that fact in hand, it would be a good idea for you to get to know the manufacturer before you purchase the product.

So today, we are going to put Duromax generators under the microscope and comb through the manufacturer with a fine comb.


DuroMax 12,000 Max 9,500 Running Watts Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator, XP12000EH

Duromax Power Equipment is the mastermind behind making Duromax generators. This is a company that officially started back in 2003. Their headquarters are located in California and Ontario. To date, they are the industry leader in the popular dual fuel portable generator technology.

Apart from Duromax Power Equipment producing portable generators, they also produce pumps, engines, pressure watches, and even accessories.

At DuroMax, they state: “we are committed to powering everyone …anywhere!”

Where Are DuroMax Generators Made?

DuroPower is a company that is based in the united states, with a headquarters in California. The DuroMax generators are made in California.

This is a company that builds their own engines for the generators, and I must say, they put a lot of thought into their ergonomics and functionality, because it really is impressive.

If you’re not familiar with DuroMax Generators, I highly recommend you taking a look at them. They are capable of working in different situations, without having to sit there and hassle with them to make them run.

Whether you’re using it for camping or emergency purposes, they have the type of generators you can always rely on.

DuroMax has a variety of options available to choose from. I recommend looking at each one of them in order to make sure you choose the one that suits your needs, as well as your budget.

What is DuroMax Generators Customer Service Like?

When you’re looking into an expensive product, in case something were to go wrong with it, and you need help, you will want to take a look at how the customer service is. This is something that many people fail to look at, because they’re so focused on the product and forget the customer service team nesting behind it.

With this particular company, you’re in luck, because it really is easy to get a hold of DuroMax generators customer service. All you have to do is go to the “contact” portion of their website and fill out the form and leave your message. Your email address and name are required, but a phone number isn’t required, which is a plus if you don’t like talking on the phone, and prefer talking through email.

On their contact page, they state that their customers are their most important asset. That those that need help setting up their generators, or pressure washer can reach out to their support team through email 24/7. Customers can reach out with questions about DuroStar and DuroMax products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I set out to put that to the test.

I filled out the form with a question about one of their generators on Sunday evening, and received my answer on Monday afternoon. To me, that is a fast customer service response. Not only was it a fast response to my question, the answer was very educated, and I could tell that the customer service agent knew exactly what he was talking about.

Where Can I Find the DuroMax Company Website?

The DuroMax company website is easy to find. All you have to do is type “About DuroMax” into Google search, and the website will pop up on page one. To save  you the hassle, the website is: https://www.duromaxpower.com/

It doesn’t surprise me that DuroMax’s website is easy to find, this is the type of web presence I would expect from a company like this.

How Are DuroMax Generators?

DuroMax generators should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a good generator. It’s not fair to tell you to go out and buy one without telling you why I think they’re so good, so I’m going to elaborate a bit on this.

Starting out, DuroMax generators are well known for their affordability and efficiency. Mind you, it doesn’t have an appeal to the high end manufacturers, so some may not recognize the brand, but in all honesty, there are many people out there that like them (me being one of them) due to the fact that they are a great practical alternatives to those that have a higher price tag stamped on them.

Just as those higher priced generator brands, there are many people that support DuroMax products because they offer maximum performance, decreased noise levels, portability, and let’s not forget about safety. What’s even better is that DuroMax generators can give you everything you need, without having to pay a high price for it.

For example, the DuroMax generators I have used had an automatic electric overload breaker. What this means is that your electronic devices will be protected, and you won’t have to worry about them being damaged.

Also, when it comes to transporting the DuroMax generator, you shouldn’t have any issues. I noticed that they come with an install kit that is easy to put on. The kit will give you all terrain wheels along with folding handles.

Also, have you ever had a generator that is super loud, and disturbs your neighbors, and everyone around you? DuroMax makes quite generators (the mufflers on them are quiet), making it so that the noise is reduced. This means that if you were to use a DuroMax generator in a campground, it isn’t going to bother the other campers around you.

Personally, I love the noise reducing design – quiet generators are something I look for when shopping for generators, so it’s definitely an aspect you need to consider. To give you an idea of how quiet they are, they have a tendency to keep things below that 70 decibel level. The larger units from the company are under 72 decibels even at full operation.

When the first sign of trouble arises, DuroMax generators have a low oil protection system – a light flashes. If the issue with the generator hasn’t been fixed, then the generator is going to automatically shut off in order to prevent damage from occurring.

This type of damage protection also extends to the Advanced Voltage Regulation system in order to make sure there is an even flow of power.

One of the downsides (in a way) to DuroMax generators would be the fact that they only have a year warranty on them. However, this isn’t all that big of a deal, considering they last for many years as long as the user takes care of it.

What are Some of the Generators?

DuroMax 12,000 Max 9,500 Running Watts Dual Fuel Electric Start Portable Generator, XP12000EH

Looking at the lineup of generators from DuroMax, I find a pretty comprehensive lineup of innovative designs. I recommend looking into the following models:

  • XP000S – This particular generator has a cooled OHV gas engine.
  • XP4400EH – This is a duel fuel model that takes gas or liquid propane to run it. It comes with an electric start and a wheel kit and offers around 4400 of power.
  • XP10000E-P4 – This is a 10k watt system. I like the electric start on it as well as the wheel assembly.

Take note that this list is a slim sample of the different solutions you have when you choose a DuroMax generator.

I noticed that many people enjoy the hybrid units that are being offered by DuroMax. These units allow for better functionality in the machine and maximum fuel efficiency. Since propane liquid is used in the hybrid units, you will be avoiding what is called “gumming.” Gumming happens in most diesel and gas lines.


DuroMax generators have a low price tag, but don’t let that fool you, because they are excellent generators with friendly and fast customer service nesting behind them. If you have any problems, you can send your question to customer service by going to their site and filling out the form or sending them a direct email.


This list represents only a slim sampling of the different solutions that this company provides. What makes them all so appealing is that they are all designed with the high-quality DuroMax features.

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