So you are going to halve your bun of choice and then smear on some tomato sauce I went for passata as it has some nice herbs in it you could just use ketchup if you are feeling a bit budget like that is fine, then sprinkle on some cheddar cheese I went for a sharper mature cheddar.

It is a red Leicester cheese a little sharper and orange in color just more appealing on the eye to me that is why I used that, I also had some slices of mozzarella that I sliced up and added. We are going to need more of it later on so make sure you have enough for that.

Then these are some chorizo sausages you could use salami, pepperoni anything you like similar to that  maybe 3 or 4 discs scattered on top of each bun so with them all in there shove them in your pre heated oven to the temperatures on the screen right now which should be there with you bake it for 15 minutes to warm through that sauce  and melt that cheese. It’s actually going to grip those chorizo slices it is quite important as you do not want to have them slide off I was genuinely worried about that when making that it was my one fear!

So while they were in the oven doing their thing I fried up some onions and mushrooms in a pan in some oil until nice and charred and smoky.

When it came to the burger I used a readymade quarter pounder just a really decent quality one but mix it up to your liking,cooked it in the same pan I had the onions and mushrooms in as it was hot enough as you do not want any extra washing up.

So once it is all nice and layered  this is where we ram even more flavour in there, I sprinkled some parmesan into the centre to give it a nice sandy beach bed on there full of cheesy parmesan flavour grabbed some of those charred mushrooms and onions and dolloped them on top. I then cloaked it in a sheet of mozzarella cheese. stick a lid on the pan that will fit it and that will help to steam it and warm through like a mini oven for your hob and melt the cheese nice and simple, once it is all done like so, lift that lid off, sprinkle on some smoked salt, which is amazing or standard salt if you cannot get it and a grinding of black pepper looking absolutely gorgeous, rest it briefly on kitchen towel and we are ready to build it.

Right now I am thinking this could be one of the best burgers I have ever made, or it could not be, but it smells great in here,we are going to use that bottom base, sit down that beef cheese infested patty, then rest the lid on top.

Now this is the bit I would say what it tastes like, you have already seen it, what else have I got to say.


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