The Fundamentals of Grilling

Grilling is pretty much the same as most other types of cooking, it is a studied art. You should try to keep this in mind as you’re learning. You are guaranteed to suffer from some failures. The primary contrast when comparing grilling and cooking on the stove top or in your oven is that grilling is a mixture of the two methods.

You will have direct heat from the gas or charcoal and you also get indirect heat depending on where your food is placed on the grill.   Grills additionally have much higher heat and a lot less ability to control that heat. With your oven you can set the temperature accurately, however, with a grill you either ignite or light the fire and the heat will simply keep rising. Some of the more expensive grills allow you to switch burners to different heat levels or turn them on or off separately.

The typical gas grill can get up to temperature levels of 500 degrees in an only a few minutes. That is why you can’t just add the meat to the grill and leave it until the timer says it’s done. You must continue to be ever vigilant that’s the secret to great grilling!

You need to use this high heat to cook the food items swiftly. Since foods will cook fast on a grill, you will have to turn them to get them to avoid burning and have the food cook evenly. Though, if you turn it  too frequently you are going to simply just slow the process of cooking and this can result in food which is tough and completely dry. The trick is to turn only if required. To examine if the food is set to be turned you’ll have to get down low, by the edge of the grill, being careful not to burn yourself, and raise the edge of the meat. As soon as  the lines from the cooking grates on the grill start to become black it is time to turn the meat.

Understanding when to turn your food and when it is  properly cooked is the entire skill of successful grilling. The other part is simply recipes and tricks. This skill-set nevertheless is also the hardest thing to teach, particularly just in writing.

Ideally, a steak should be turned just once. If you are cooking a thick cut of meat you might need to turn it several times to ensure it is cooked through to the middle.

As a novice griller, you need to start out simple and slow.

Leaner cuts of meat that are less than 3/4 inches will help you get to grips with grilling and also get your food properly cooked. Once you have more experience with these thin cuts there is no reason why you can’t tackle more challenging cuts of meat.

Listed below are a few helpful tips for the beginner:

Always keep your grill clean. A clean grill will certainly present you with much tastier food and will be less prone to cause your food to stick to the grate.
If you apply cooking oil or spray to the grill prior to lighting it this will help keep low fat meats from sticking.

Allow for lots of time. You don’t want to rush your barbecuing or keep your family or guests waiting.

Flare-ups are triggered by a combination of grease and too much heat. We advise  you trim the excess fat from the meat and move it to a separate area of the grill when turning is the ideal method to handle flare-ups. Do not use a spray bottle to take care of it.

Do not leave your grilling  for any length of time. A flare-up can easily take and leave you with burnt food if you are not there to deal with it.

We suggest not adding sweet or oil based sauces and marinades to meat when it is on the grill. This can just result in burning.

At least one hour before grilling add spices or marinades to prepare your food. If you are using BBQ sauce, you should soak the food overnight. This will guarantee that the flavor soaks into the food.

Making use of the appropriate BBQ tools is also very important. When grilling you should never use a fork. Sticking a fork in your burger or steak will just release all the juices and dry out your meat. A long set of tongs is ideal for turning meat and a  long handled spatula is recommended for turning burgers.

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