Top 5 Winter Grilling Tips

Winter is here and I’ve had three feet of snow in the last couple of weeks.

So, I haven’t been able to do as much grilling as I would have liked.

BUT, nothing quite warms the soul like a good grilled burger.

I’m going to give you five tips that will help you get out there and get grilling.

Tip #1 is go out and shovel the space for your grill long before you want to bbq.

Now the reason for that is a lot of times if you leave it there you won’t have enough motivation to go out and shovel and grill.

If you make it really easy for yourself and go out there, take the grill cover off, pull it out and you are ready to go.

You are going to be a lot more likely to use it.

Be sure to tell your family that’s the place for the grill and not for snowmen.

Finally, don’t forget to get the snow off your grill so it doesn’t freeze shut.

Tip #2 get a wireless thermometer like this iGrill mini and spend more time inside when you cook, but still have your food come out perfect.

One advantage of the iGrill mini is the app that comes with it.

You can set a temperature preset so that it warns you when your meat is almost done and you won’t have to worry about over cooking it.

Tip #3 use your side burner to heat up a pan to bring your food in on.

There is nothing worse than putting hot food on a cold plate and having it be cold before you get to eat it.

Just set it to low a couple minutes before you put your food on it.

Tip #4 is lighting.

With the change in seasons, the sun goes down early and you are more likely to grill in the dark.

A good light can make a big difference in how you cook your food because you can actually see it.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money.

I just use a clamp light attached to my snow shovel.

Tip #5 cook foods that don’t need to sear.

In cold winter temperatures, it’s hard to get your grill hot enough so cook things like prime rib, roasted chicken, hamburgers, or my favorites grilled salmon.


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