Granite Rock Pan Reviews


Should I choose copper or stone? That is where I first started out – choosing between the two. Along with the Granitestone pans popping up on the market, I also notice copper pans. I’m going to admit, the copper pans looked cool, and they were next on my list.

It was a tossup between the copper pans or the stone pans and after I did my research, I lost all interest in the copper pans. As you know, those copper pans are made from 99% copper. They provide even heat distribution, quick food warm up and that I cannot forget about that professional look. After reading that, the copper pans almost won me over.

However, I also learned that copper pans can put copper into the food and that is when it becomes toxic. Adults should have 900 mg of copper each day, but a high level of exposure can be poisonous. Moving forward, copperware can also react to alkaline or acidic foods and this can cause a metallic taste in the food.

For example, I had a friend that had gray streaks in the eggs she cooked and this is because they got copper from the pan.

After reading about the  copperware, I went and did my research on stone pans and that is where stone pans won me over. Stone pans are safe to use, and have an even heat distribution – basically, they offer everything copperware offers, except the toxicity.  So, long story short, when it comes to copper or stone, by all means, go for the stone pans.

Granite Rock Frying Pan as Seen on TV

Granite Stone pans are available in a variety of different sizes. The sizes range from 5.5 inches all the way up to 12 inches, with many sized in between those. There are also different versions, like the round pan and the square pan. Personally I prefer the round versions, but I have friends that really like the square versions.

Now, let me introduce you to some granitestone pans …


12 Inch Granitestone Frying Pan Review

Granite Rock Round Fry Pans, 12"

Granitestone pan is the type of product you really want when you’re looking at it in the store, but you’re just not sure if it’ll work or not. You don’t want to buy another frying pan that lets you down, and that’s when you reach out to see what other people are saying about it. In this particular review, I will be discussing the Granitestone Frying Pan – 12 inch model.

Granite Rock Round Fry Pans, 12"

When I first stumbled across this pan in the department store, the words that really caught my attention was “no butter or oil needed.” I love the idea of not having to cook with butter or oil, because that means the food I cook will be healthy. If these words are true, then I would label this frying pan, and all other Granitestone or Granitrock frying pans the best on the market. Is this true? Can you really cook food without butter or oil? Continue reading to see what I found out …

The Price

The price is unbeatable for a frying pan. The price puts it right next to the budget nonstick frying pans. This could be due to the fact that it is made of pressed aluminum and has layers of granite embedded.  There’s a rock-like finish, which gives it that nice looking rough texture. Just by touching the surface, I feel like food isn’t going to stick to it.

Withstand Kitchen Abuse

This pan is obviously capable of withstanding kitchen abuse, so if you cook a lot, that is perfectly fine. This product has been made to last for many years to come. So, if you’re like me, and you’re tired of replacing your frying pan every 6 months to a year, then this is going to be your new best friend.

How It’s Made

Like many of the aluminum pans on the market, this one right here is made by taking a solid piece of aluminum and heat-treating it. The pressed aluminum core is capable of distributing even heat.

Cook, Bake, and Fry

Whatever you want to do in the kitchen, whether you want to bake or fry, you can use this pan. That’s right, you can even bake with this pan.

Doesn’t Have Teflon

I like the fact that this frying pan doesn’t use Teflon or Perfluorooctanoic acid – this is what many of those nonstick pans on the market use in order to prevent food from sticking.  Teflon is no good as it has been linked to various form of cancer. This material stays for a long time in the body and this increases the chances of getting cancer. So by all means, please avoid Teflon.

Three Layers

This pan right here has three layers of granite-like finish and I cannot forget to mention that nice mineral coating, which is great for nonstick performance. The rock-like surface offers remarkable durability.

Use with Metal Utensils

With many frying pans on the market, especially those with Teflon, you cannot use metal utensils, because it scrapes the pan and ruins it. However, with this one, you can use all the metal utensils you want, without worrying about ruining the pan.

Resists Warping

In my day, I have gone through many pans. What can I say, I love to cook …I cook every single day, many times, multiple times a day, so I need a pan that can withstand kitchen abuse on the daily. When I start to see my pan warp, I know it’s time to start looking for a new one. In this case, I don’t think I’m going to notice warping in this pan any time soon because it resists warping. In fact, it is rated for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven. With this pan, you can sear stakes, bake upside down pizzas, and sauté food whenever you desire.

The Handle is Stainless Steel

I’d also like to mention the fact that the handle is made of stainless steel. When cooking with it on the stove, I noticed that the handle remains cool, which is a major plus in my book. However, if you decide to use this pan in the oven, you’ll want to use your oven mitts because the handle will get hot, of course.

No Oil or Butter Required to Fry Food

So here we are, at the part that really caught my attention, and I’m sure that’s why many of you are interested in this pan. It’s true, this pan does not require any oil or butter to fry food. You can fry salmon, marshmallows, eggs and steak without any oils.

This means that you can save money as you will no longer have to buy oil to fry food and you will be cutting those oil calories! Oh and, gone are the days where you have to spend a large amount of time scrubbing all that food off. It’s even dishwasher safe, so if you have a dishwasher, you can just toss it in there, which will save even more time.

Sure, you can go ahead and use butter if you like as that can add some flavor to your foods, just don’t go using any of that nonstick spray stuff.

GRANITESTONE Non-stick, No-warp, Mineral-enforced Frying Pans PFOA-Free As Seen On TV (11-inch)

More on Cleaning the Pan

Since this is a nonstick pan, like I said in the paragraphs above, you won’t have to spend a whole lot of time cleaning it. However, when you use the pan on high heat, you’ll notice that food can occasionally stick to it, and that is to be expected.

After each use, you will need to clean the pan. I recommend cleaning it the traditional way, with soapy water and a sponge. Soapy water and a sponge works almost all the time, but if a layer of sticky food does form on it, I like to use ¼ cup of warm water, and baking soda.

To clean the pan with the baking soda mix, take a sponge and rub the mixture all over the pan – you’ll notice a sort of paste forming. It’s going to take a little bit of effort to clean the pan, but this mixture always works for me. When you’re done, rinse the pan off and if the stuff isn’t gone, just repeat the process until it is.

Is the Granite Stone Toxic?

That’s what makes this pan so good, besides the fact that it doesn’t require oil or butter – it’s not toxic. The granite-like coating that you see on this pan comes from granite and stone particles. The design is what catches many people’s attention, but they still wonder if it’s toxic. Don’t worry, because the surface is mineral-based, which means that it isn’t going to produce any toxic fumes.


I’m not exactly sure what the exact nonstick coating on this pan is, so avoid the following:

  • Using the pan for broiling
  • Using high heat on the empty pan
  • Placing the pan in cold water while it’s hot
  • Using a sharp utensil on the pan, scratching the surface
  • Using the pan to store food in the refrigerator

Is the Pan Safe?

The granitestone nonstick pan works a lot like Teflon, except with this pan, it doesn’t put those harmful chemicals into your food while it’s cooking. However, the mineral coating doesn’t work alone and Granite doesn’t tell exactly what they use in order to prevent food from sticking to the pan. I understand, it’s a trade secret and they don’t want other companies knowing their secret.

My one issue with this is that the company has stated that it is FROA-free, but they have not said whether it is PTFE-free or not. PTFE is another form of nonstick coating, but it’s not bad like PFOA. PTFE is a synthetic polymer that has a melting point that is super high, making it hard to damage the surface while cooking.


The Granitstone pan is top of the line – it’s something that I would recommend in every kitchen.  It comes to use at a reasonable price and doesn’t have that toxic nonstick coating. 90% of the time, this pan delivers on the nonstick promise, and that is great. I believe this pan will last for a long time.

Granite Cookware Video Review

Granitestone – 5-piece Cookware Set Review

GRANITESTONE 5 Piece Cookware Set, Scratch-Proof, Nonstick Granite-coated, PFOA-Free As Seen On TV

The first pan I purchased was so good that I decided to go for a set. While you can buy pretty big sets, if you’re on a budget, I recommend going for the Granitestone 5-piece cookware set because it has 3 good pans in it.

If you’re like me and you cook for your family every day, you don’t want to use low-grade equipment that warps and puts a damper on the taste of the food you cook. Tasty food not only depends on the cook, it also depends on the type of equipment you’re using to cook the food with. If you’re wanting your food to taste like it was prepared by a professional, then the Granitestone 5 piece cookware set is suitable for you.

Included with the set:

  • A 8.5 frying pan
  • A 10.25 frying pan with a lid
  • A 2 quart pot with a lid

Safe in the Oven

You can use this set in the oven – it is safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.  I love baking, and knowing that I can take these pans and use them in the oven makes it even better for me. You can take the frying pan with this set, for example, and bake a cake with it, or even a nice upside down pizza.

GRANITESTONE 5 Piece Cookware Set, Scratch-Proof, Nonstick Granite-coated, PFOA-Free As Seen On TV

Triple Food-Grade Granite Layers

For maximum durability, these pans have triple-food grade granite layers. This also help prevent warping and aging. If you’re like me and you cook every day, sometime a couple of times a day, this set is great for you because it is capable of withstanding all of that kitchen abuse.

Even Surface Heating

The pressed aluminum inner layer is great for even surface heating and high heat conductivity. When I first got this set, I seared a steak and it turned out amazing. On the bottom, there’s a stainless steel ring, making for even heat distribution. This means you’re not going to have burnt spots in your food.

Nonstick Surface

The nonstick surface is something that originally caught my attention. I absolutely love the fact that the pans do not require any butter or oil in order to cook the food – gone are the days when you had to smother your food in oil just to prevent it from sticking to the pan.

Maintaining the Nonstick Surface

If you want your set to last even longer, there are some things I recommend for maintaining the nonstick surface.

Avoid Nonstick Cooking Spray – Earlier in my review on the 12” Granitestone frying pan, I told you not to use any of that nonstick cooking spray in the pan. The same thing goes for this set, and every other Granite set you get. Nonstick cooking spray burns at a low temperature and this could burn into the pan. If you’re familiar with nonstick cooking spray and have used it in other pans while cooking, you’ll probably notice that they have a rusty appearance to this – this is because the spray causes food to stick and it takes away from the nice looking aesthetics of the pan.

Avoid Metal – Of course, if you want, you can use metal utensils as this doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. However, metal could scratch the surface, so I recommend sticking to wooden, plastic, or rubber utensils. By sticking to these utensils, you will increase the life of the cookware.

Low-Medium Heat – Cooking on high heat can cause the nonstick coating to breakdown, regardless of the type of pan you use. For this reason, you should always cook on low to medium heat.

Avoid Scouring Pads- When you’re done cooking and the pan has cooled down, wash it with a sponge, not a scouring pad.

Wash by Hand – Sure, you can toss it in the dishwasher as the pan is dishwasher safe. However, despite this, I still recommend washing the pans by hand.

When Food is Stuck – If for some reason you managed to get food stuck in the pan, you should soak it in water. Many turn to metallic pads to scratch the stuck-on food off, which isn’t a good idea.

What more could you ask for? With this set, you have three pans to cook with – sauté asparagus, boil pasta, sear steaks and so much more! 90% of the time, food isn’t going to stick and this is all thanks to the natural mineral coating.

Granitestone 19 Piece Set Review

Granitestone 2609 Cookware, Pots and Pans, Knife Set, Scratch-Resistant, Nonstick Granite-coated, PFOA-Free As Seen On TV (24 Piece Set)

If you like Granitestone cookware so much, you may want to go with the 19 piece set – it includes plenty of pans and a nice amount of knives.

Included in this set:

  • An 8.5 fry pan
  • A 10.25 fry pan with a lid
  • A 2.5 quart sauce pan with a lid
  • A 1.5 quart sauce pan with a lid
  • A 5 quart sauce pan with a lid
  • Steel steamer trays insert
  • 14 piece knife set

No Butter or Oil Required

That’s right, when you cook using these Granitestone pans, you won’t have to use any butter or oil and this makes for healthier cooking all around.

Granitestone 2610 Pots and Pans, Cutlery and Knife Set, Scratch-Resistant, Nonstick Granite-coated, PFOA-Free As Seen On TV (19 Piece Set)

Cool Touch Handles

The cool touch handles are pretty cool. When you’re using these pans on the stovetop, the handles will not heat up. Of course, if you use these pans to bake in the oven, as expected, you’ll need to use oven mittens as the handles will get hot.

Can Use in the Oven

In case you didn’t already know, you can use these pans in the oven. They are safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scratch Resistant

The surface of the pans are scratch resistant and PFOA free and thanks to the natural mineral coating, your food isn’t going to stick 90% of the time.

Should You Purchase a Granitestone Pan?

If you’re looking for the type of pans that will last for many years to come and will not warp, then by all means, purchase a Granitestone frying pan, or maybe even a set of them. When cooking in these pans, what I can tell you is that it will take less time to cook and you won’t have to stand there scrubbing food off of the pan for what seems like forever. The meals I cook in these pans come out perfect and this is due to the fact that the pans distribute even heat on the surface. With this granite rock pan set, or any granitestone pan, preparing food will be super fun.

When it’s all said and done, the pans are also easy to wash. Just remember to avoid placing the hot pan in cold water.