Best Propane Burner for Boiling Crawfish

Some people swear by lobster and champagne but sorry, this isn’t for me. I’m a crawfish and beer sort of guy and I’m guessing that you are likely to be of a similar nature.

I probably don’t need to tell you how great they taste but what we are going to discuss in this article is the best outdoor cooking equipment for you to hold big ol’ crawfish boils in your backyard.

Of course, this equipment isn’t limited to crawfish, you can boil up all sorts of fantastic recipes with it.


What to Look for in a Crawfish Cooker

There’s not a lot that you have to look out for with a crawfish cooker, Just a big enough pot to cook up enough to satisfy your guests. Of course, you will also need something that can boil up the water fast and easy.

One last point I quickly want to make, I’m not your Mom or Pop but ‘Be Safe’ your dealing with a lot of boiling hot water. You might know what you are doing but watch out for kids, pets and the drunken dude who is stumbling about your backyard!

Also remember if you have filled this pot with crawfish, sausage, corn or whatever this is going to be heavy to lift so take it easy, you don’t want to be wearing it or going to visit the Doc with a hernia!

If you haven’t already got a burner and you want yourself a complete kit then check out the…

Bayou Classic Crawfish Cooker Kit Review

This has everything you need for your first crawfish boil and many more to come.

You get a giant stock pot [82-quart] made from stainless steel it comes with a perforated basket and a handy lifting handle. The lid is vented. You can cook a huge amount of crawfish in a pot this size and it should be fine for most backyard crawfish boils unless you have a huge amount of guests.

So we’ve got the pot and now lets talk about the high-pressure propane jet burner. If you find that your Crawfish boils get a big reputation and the 82-quart pot isn’t enough this burner has a cooking surface of 16 inches and it can handle 102- quarts cooking pots.

The burner frame is made from welded stainless steel and is 12 1/2 inches in height. Included with the kit is a 10-PSI adjustable Regulator with a 60-inch braided hose also made from stainless steel.

This isn’t the cheapest setup but it is useful to have everything you need delivered to your door in one big package.

We like to be impartial regarding our reviews and if we can find a negative we will point it out but all the reviews online agree that this is a great high-quality product.

King Kooker 5012 Portable Propane Outdoor Package Review

This is a more budget friendly and smaller option with just a 50-quart pot. You can still cook for family gatherings or groups of friends but rather than 15-20 people, this should be fine for up to a dozen or so guests.

You still get everything you need the pot comes with a lid and steamer basket. A 54,000 BTU Cooker and a hose and regulator. It also comes with a recipe book and instructions.

It’s a lightweight set up and can easily be transported to the beach or campsite.

Ideal for boiling or steaming all sorts of seafood, and you don’t have any issues with the smell of seafood permeating your kitchen using this outdoor option. It can also be used for brewing beer if that’s your thing.

So are there any negatives?

Well, the one big one is that the pot isn’t made of stainless steel like the Bayou, this one is lightweight aluminum so it’s certainly not going to be as strong or durable but you have to pay the price for superior quality.

Saying that most users have found no issues with this setup and have cooked all sorts of seafood on it with no problems.
Customers are also talking about cooking 35lbs of crawfish, sausage, and corn at a time in the pot, so it is plenty big enough for a good few guests.

All in all, this is a nice budget friendly kit and while no way is it the best set up it will get the job done fine.

Final Note – This is NOT a Turkey Fryer! – These Are!


Bayou Classic SP10 Propane Burner Review

If you are going to purchase your own pots and are just looking for a burner then this is one of the best for the price available.
Not only is it well reviewed online, it’s Amazon’s top recommendation for a propane burner.

This should do you fine for crawfish boils, clambakes, beer brewing, cooking Thanks Giving Turkey or pretty much any other type of outdoor cooking you are planning on doing.

The SP10 comes with a sturdy steel frame and can hold stock pots to a maximum capacity of 100 – quarts. It’s a powerful 185,000 BTUs. Even though its sturdy, its lightweight and portable as well and can be assembled and disassembled with ease.

The only real complaints about this model is that some of the paint will burn away on first use. This might result in some of it sticking to the bottom of any pot you are using. Personally, this would be a deal breaker for me as I don’t really care how the bottom of my pot looks.


Outdoor cooking is the best, I love the smell of seafood cooking but don’t want it sticking around for days afterward. While the kits and burner we talked about above are perfect for cooking up crawfish there are lots of other uses they can be put too.


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