Beer Can Bacon Burger Recipe

Today we’re gonna be making a beer-can bacon, mushroom and Swiss burger.

Let’s start by prepping the filling for our beer-can burger.

We have half a pound of bacon, and we’re gonna reserve two slices and dice the rest.

We put our diced bacon into a Lodge skillet, and take it out to our Yoder Smokers YS640.

It’s currently set to 375 degrees.

Now our bacon’s fully cooked, but not all the way crispy since we’re going to cook it again as a filling in the burger.

We’ll go ahead and slice some onion and mushroom.

We’ve removed our bacon from the skillet now that it’s cooked, and we’re gonna leave that fat in there and go ahead and cook our mushrooms and onions in the same skillet.

We’ll cook the mushrooms and onions until both are softened and starting to caramelize.

We’ll add to the skillet a little bit of beer and some of the House of Q barbecue rub.

While the mushrooms and onions cook, we’re gonna be forming our beer-can burger patties.

These behemoth, one-halfpound burgers are gonna get smashed down by a beer can, then we’ll wrap it around the can to form sort of a meat bowl.

Now with the patty formed, we’re gonna take those two slices of bacon that we reserved and wrap them around the outside of the patty.

This is gonna give the burger a little more stability as we place the filling inside of it.

Now we can fill the burger with our mushrooms, our onions and our bacon that we’ve cooked earlier, as well as layering in some Swiss cheese.

We’ll top it off with one full slice of cheese.

Now, if you’ve got the time it’s a good idea to go ahead and throw them in the fridge for a little bit.

The way they are now, they’re a bit warm and they’re gonna wanna move around on you.

And they’ll just be easier to handle once they’ve firmed up in the refrigerator.

Now with the temperature lowered to 275 degrees, you’ll place the beer-can burgers on the second shelf and allow them to smoke until they reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees.


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