6 Tips to keep pesky insects from ruining your backyard Idyll

A home backyard is a place to relax in the lazy evenings, host parties or a playground for your kids. This is where you can enjoy your free time, gulp down drinks or just sit by watching the stars.

However, these blissful moments could be ruined with fireflies, ants, mosquitoes and the stinging insects that will turn your leisure into a horror with stings and bites.

Besides being troublesome, these pesky insects could cause diseases and allergic reactions. It is prudent to get rid of them at all costs, and this article outlines with six methods that can accord you an effective backyard pest control.

Organic sprays and plants

Several organic sprays have been developed from plants to keep away insects. The sprays are often made of strongly scented ingredients like hot pepper and garlic. A mixture of the two can go a long way in suffocating the stubborn insects to death. You can also plant the repellant plants in your backyard. The lavender, marigold, and rosemary have repellant properties that will keep off mosquitoes. Besides, these plants have bright and attractive colors that spice up your backyard flair. To keep away ants, plant mint around the backyard or even station garlic cloves in their pathways.

Invite the bird-eating insects

Backyard birds feed on insects such as the beetles and caterpillars. At the beginning of summer most people think of spending most of their time outdoors, and luckily this is the period when birds feed their hatchlings with insects. This is a good period to invite them to your backyard and relieve you the stress of fighting away insects. There are various ways of bringing the birds closer to your backyard. They need places to hide and form nests; you can, therefore, leave a small shrubby section near your backyard to develop. They also like areas with water from where they can drink or bathe and so consider having an outdoor fountain.


Candles produce smoke that works great in repelling flies and mosquitoes. Purchase several of them and position in different sections of the backyard to keep insects off dinner. Moreover, candles are assets of outdoor entertainment through their lighting and ambiance. The kinds of candles that will provide your guests with the welcoming mood are the citronellal and geraniol candles. Add on the glamor with trendy candle holders. In place of the candles, you can get citronella torches from the hardware stores.

Mosquito lamp

A mosquito lamp will save you from the mosquito bites throughout the night. This is a perfect item for outdoor use. The lamp is a combination of a candle and a diffuser; the candle is lit to activate the diffuser that in turn releases the repellent. Strategically place the lamp for a 6 to 7-hour protection from the unwanted guests. These are lovely lamps that will decorate your backyard in addition to keeping it mosquito-free.

Destroying the Insects Attractions

This is a backyard pest control technique that completely eliminates the insects. Mosquitoes are attracted by stagnant water and bushy areas. To keep them away, drain any area where water is standing and slash down the bushes and thickets. Destroying their breeding and hiding places near the backyard will give you a peaceful time in your yard. Weeds and grass also attract bugs. Employ a lawnmower for trimming and maintain the backyard short and dry.

Use insect repellant balms

Apart from attacking the insects, a backyard pest control can be achieved by preventing them from contacting the skin using balms. You can buy a badger balm that is a natural product made from a blend of cedar, lemon grass, and citronella. None of its ingredients is toxic and therefore safe for children too. You can also rub a lemon balm on the skin or even put in the fire to produce a scent that will repel the bugs. Apply the balm 2 to 3 times a week to repel aphids and the squash bugs.

In conclusion, you no longer have to worry about insects interfering with your dinner or party at your backyard. These six methods will grant you an effective backyard pest control to guide you against the harmful insects as well as giving you a backyard idyll.

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