BBQ Rib Recipes and Tips

You might have cooked ribs before and they never turn out like the moist, tasty versions that you have eaten in BBQ restaurants. But why not give it another try and get smoking or grilling some ribs again using the tips and video recipes below.

The secret to ensuring awesome  ribs isn’t difficult and if you follow the tips below and check out the video recipes we have included you should be able to impress your guests.

Selecting you Ribs

Before anything else you’ll need to purchase a good rack of ribs. You will need to make sure that you Purchase ribs that are evenly covered in meat and fat [but not to fatty] with no bones exposed.

The next step is very important and that is to remove the membrane on the underside of the ribs

You can watch the instructional video on how to do this here


Apply a rub to your ribs

What sort of rub you apply to your ribs is down to your individual taste.  I like a bit of spice in my rub so add a bit of chili. Make sure that your preferred rub, either homemade or shop bought doesn’t have too much sugar content. Rubs that have high sugar content can cause the ribs to burn if left on the heat for too long.

Make sure that you apply a generous helping of rub to make a nice crust on your ribs.

Most of the Big Pit Masters have their own rubs but Kosher Salt is preferred over traditional table salt.

Rib Rub Recipe – [Try saying that after a few beers!]

Once again we have a great video for you to view this one is a great pork rub recipe especially for ribs


Or a Marinade

Marinades work equally as well, some great ideas for marinades are to use beer or cider or coca cola.

The same as with rubs you can buy plenty of ready-made versions and some of them are really great quality but it is also fun to experiment.

Pineapple Baby Back Ribs Marinade Recipe


Our favorite shop bought Marinades and Rubs

Sometimes it is handy to have prepared version in the cupboard or fridge and sometimes the professionals just make a better version than you do!

These are some of the top rated rubs, marinades and BBQ Sauces you can buy, they are all available at Amazon.

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub – This is one of the most popular rubs that you can buy, the only downside to it is that it contains MSG. Personally I have no problem with but if you are cooking for a group of people you might find that MSG doesn’t agree with some of them.

McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue Seasoning – This one has no MSG and is a great traditional rub that can be used for ribs or any other seasoning really.

They have a huge range of different products for all sorts of Grilling


We thought we’d finish off with another video to ensure that you get the best ribs ever.

This one is a recipe from the guys at Amazing Ribs who certainly know their stuff….


And our final tip

Rest and Cool

Once those ribs are cooked you don’t want everything one grabbing those smoking hot ribs –burning their mouths and fingers. You need to let them rest for a while and cool a bit. Enjoy a nice cool craft beer or whatever you favorite drink is before digging into those delicious ribs.

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