Who Makes Sportsman Generators?

In this day and age, generators are a necessity. If you live in an area, like Florida, that is prone to hurricanes, then you may find yourself without power for days, and sometimes even weeks, depending on the severity of the storm that hits you. A generator can save you from having to live without power during natural events when you don’t have power.

Mind you, it isn’t just for disaster preparedness. In this day and age, generators are used for a variety of reasons, not just for when the power goes out, although that is one of the biggest reasons they’re used. Construction workers tend to use generators while they’re working outdoors, while campers use generators while they’re camping, Regardless of what you choose to use a generator for, they are great backup power sources that can make a huge difference.

So, to my readers, if you’re one of the few out there that doesn’t have a generator of your own, or if you’re currently dealing with one that just doesn’t work, it’s time to start looking for one.

Of course, you shouldn’t go out there and grab the first generator you come across just because it’s in front of you. It is important that you take time to do some research in order to make sure you get one that is high quality, strong, and can handle everything you need.

Buffalo Tools Sportsman Inverter Generator - 1000 Starting Watt/800 Running Watts - Gas Powered Portable Camping Outdoors - Tan Color

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With those thoughts in mind, I would like to introduce you to Sportsman Generators.

Of course, you’re probably wondering why I recommend Sportsman Generators, and if you’re never heard the name before, you’re probably wondering who in the world makes Sportsman Generators.

Sportsman Generators come from a popular brand that you may or may not have heard of, depending on how knowledgeable you are in the industry – Buffalo Tools. Does that name ring a bell? These are the type of generators you’re going to want to turn to if you’re looking for something that’s packed full of power and dependability. I noticed that there are some Sportsman Generators that are packed full of features – features that are so good that they could be used to replace those higher end models that are much more expensive.

Portable Generators

Buffalo Tools Sportsman 1000 Watt Inverter Generator

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Sportsman Generators are portable generators, so you can take them wherever you feel you’re going to need power hooked up. These portable generators are fairly easy to transports, so regardless of whom you are, whether you’re a hunter in the woods or you’re in need of emergency power, this is a great solution for you. These generators are available in a variety of different designs and are capable of accommodating almost any situation.

From the amazing GENSD7 that is powered by diesel and can run up to 9 hours on a full tank to the lightweight GEN1000 that offers 1k wattage and can run for a total of 6 hours on a full tank, there really is a lot to choose from.

Here, to give you some ideas of the lineup offered by Sportsman Generators, here’s a list of generators off the top of my mind:

Gen1000 – Offers 1k watts, and can operate for 6 hours on 1.2 gallons of gas.

Gen1850 – Offers 1850 watts, and can run up to 11 hours on 2.3 gallons of gas.

Gen4000 – Offers 4k watts and can run up to 9 hours at a 50 percent loan on 4 gallons of fuel.

Gen154 – Offers 2k watts of power and can run for a total of 9 hours.

Gen7000 – Offers 7k watts, and with 7 gallons of fuel it can run up to 12 hours at a 50 percent load capacity.

Gen10k – Offers 10k watts and on 8 gallons of fuel, can run up to 8 hours.

Gen7000LP – Offers 6k watts, takes only liquid propane gas and can last 8 hours on a 50 percent load.

GENSD7 – Offers 6300 running watts and takes up to 4 gallons of diesel – it can run for over 9 hours and is one of the largest units offered by Sportsman Generators and is enclosed for the ultimate protection.

Sportsman GEN4000LP, 3250 Running Watts/4000 Starting Watts, Propane Powered Portable Generator

As you see from the list above, it is obvious that Sportsman Generators have quite a lineup to choose from. However, there is one downside here and that is the fact that this company doesn’t sell directly to the general public. As a consumer, you can go to the company website and look at the different models and from there, they will find you a local supplier so that you can purchase the item.

I like the Sportsman Generators gas powered units and how they have the four stroke OHV engines that are super durable. I also like the fact that all of the generators offered by this manufacture can sense when the it is getting low on fuel or oil and will automatically shut down in order to avoid hurting the unit. If you were to neglect to refuel or add oil to a generator, it can cause damage, so this is definitely a feature that I like seeing in generators.

I also need to mention that every unit from Sportsman generators have received EPA approval, but some of the generators may have a noise level that is as comfortable as you’d like.


If you’re looking for a generator that is durable, strong, and built to last, then I would recommend Sportsman Generators in a heartbeat, because they really are as reliable as they claim to be. They make generators that will take different types of fuel, and that even includes liquid propane and most of the generators in the lineup are capable of running for a long period of time before they need to be refueled – that right there is a big plus and is something that you should consider when you’re looking for your next generator.

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