Buyers Guide to Zero Gravity Chairs

Zero Gravity chairs …if you’ve never had the opportunity to sit in one, this is definitely something you must try, especially if you like having that nice, relaxed feeling. When you’re sitting in one of these chairs, you’re going to have a weightless feeling that is out of this world. If you’re new to the world of Zero Gravity chairs, don’t worry, because this guide is intended to help beginners by giving them all the knowledge they need on Zero Gravity chairs.

You see, there’s a reason these type of chairs are popular for patios, poolside’s, massage parlors, and even living rooms. When you sit in one, you will feel as if you’re sitting on a cloud.

What is a Zero Gravity Chair?

If you’re not familiar with a Zero Gravity Chair, it might sound like something you’d fly around in the sky. However, we can assure you that this thing doesn’t have any boosters or anything like that. Long story short, the Zero Gravity chair is a chair that has been designed to give you a weightless feeling. There are usually adjustments that will help you maintain this feeling. With these chairs, there are so many different ones currently on the market, so surely you will be able to find something that will fit your styles and budget. You will be able to find these chairs online, and in furniture stores. If you have never experienced one, you can go to the furniture store and take one for a “test drive” to see how it would work out for you.

When choosing a Zero Gravity chair, you should make sure it is well padded and sturdy. There shouldn’t be any form of stressful tension spots when you’re sitting in it.

How Does the Zero Gravity Chair Work?

Are you familiar with the position astronauts are in when they take off in the shuttle?

That reclined position is what’s responsible for making you feel weightless and relaxes. Mind you, with these type of chairs, you should be able to sit in them in a variety of positions, sit straight up, recline at different angles and even lean forward.

Whatever the position may be, it should feel comfortable to you, so you shouldn’t have a problem relaxing after a long day. In this chair, you will be comfortable enough to relax or sit down and do some work.

Many people that have lower back pain turn to these type of chairs due to the fact that it relieves pressure from their spine.


Regardless of the position you choose, the chair should feel stable to you. The best Zero Gravity chairs will allow you to sit in them without feeling as if you’re going to tip over every time you move around. Not only will this help you balance correctly while sitting down, but a good stable chair will also mean that you don’t need to slowly crawl up from the chair. If you have to do any weird tricks to sit in a chair or get up out of a chair, then you should probably look for another one.

Pay Attention to the Quality

When you’re in the market for something new like a Zero Gravity chair, you definitely need to pay attention to the quality. This is something that should last for a long period of time. For this reason, you should make sure the bungees feel sturdy, the mesh is resistant to the sun and the frame has been finished to withstand the weather – when looking for the best chair, those are issues you should pay attention to, especially if you plan on using the chair outside.

Setting the Zero Gravity Chair Up

You’re in luck, because setting the chair up isn’t going to be hard at all. It’s nothing like setting up one of those complicated at home gyms. You don’t need to sit there and ponder over a 100 page instruction book or use any alien-like tools to get one of these bad boys set up. However, when you take it out of the box, just slide it out easily because it doesn’t really come with any form of extra packaging to protect it.

Health Benefits of Zero Gravity Chairs

If you’re looking for a chair that will be beneficial to your health, then the Zero Gravity chair would definitely be a great choice.

Not only are these type of seats comfortable and relaxing, but they are also well known for the health benefits nesting behind them.

Reduces Pressure on the Spine – One of the biggest health benefits would be the fact that these chairs can help reduce pressure on the spine. After a long day of hard work or sitting in an office chair, you may start to develop back pain because of the pressure on your spine – this could lead to muscle and back pain.

When you use this type of chair, it will cradle your body perfectly, so that the weight has been evenly spread across your entire body, not just on one part – this technique will help you achieve correct alignment within your spine.

Decrease in Muscle Tension – Another benefit would be the fact that there will be a decrease in muscle tension when you sit in this chair. When you’re sitting upright throughout the day, you may not realize it, but your muscles are active and working to keep your body balanced. When you’re sitting in a Zero Gravity chair, the muscles will no longer have to work hard to balance your body – they will get time to relax.

Other health benefits of the Zero Gravity Chair:

  • Promotes circulation throughout the body
  • Reduces pressure on the joint
  • Helps prevent varicose veins
  • Increases blood oxygen levels
  • Improved respiration


In the end, before you go out and buy a Zero Gravity chair, it is important to decide where you will be using it. Will you be using it in your patio or yard Or do you plan on having it in your living room? The one con to these type of chairs would be the fact that they have a bulky looking appearance and they’re not very easy to move around. The upside though, would be the extra comfort level provided and we cannot forget the fact that they have a stylish design and added features – some even have heat and massage functions. There are a ton of zero gravity chairs you can choose from – just do your research and you should be able to find the one that is the most suitable for you.

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