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It’s likely that you are here for one reason only to find out which is the Best Outdoor Electric Grill. You’ve come to the right place! If you are new to cooking juicy, delicious, food outdoors or looking to replace an existing grill we have some great recommendations.

We have our favorite and you’ll see it below but it won’t necessarily be the best one for you, we all need different features from our grill, so we have done plenty of research to find all the top-rated backyard and patio grills available.

Cooking with electricity has its pros and cons so we have provided a handy buying guide which you will find under our review section.


Backyard Electric Grills Compared

Here is a quick look at all the grills we are reviewing if you need more information you can click through to Amazon and read more features and reviews and check pricing. For a more detailed look at each of the outdoor grills then keep reading!


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What is the Best Outdoor Electric Grill to Buy?

Char-Broil  TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill

Char-Broil 17602048 TRU Infrared Patio Bistro Electric Grill, Black, 240

We gave you a quick look at this patio grill from Char-Broil earlier as it’s our number one pick and one of the most popular outdoor electric grills out there.

This barbecue grill is ideal as an alternative to gas or charcoal, just plug it into any 120 Volt electric outlet and you are ready to go.

With 240 square inches of cooking space, this infrared grill is perfect for small family bbq’s and reading reviews online, many found it just the right size for their apartment balcony.

Charbroil says that it can cook 8-12 burgers at a time and reviewers are saying that they cooked 6-8 large chicken breasts on it, so this will give you some idea of the amount of food you can cook.

The infrared feature means that it cooks evenly and with limited flare-ups . It heats up to around 450-500 F and this should take 10 minutes or so but be aware that once you open the grill a lot of that heat will be dissipated, so we suggest not opening and closing the lid to much. There is a temperature gauge on the lid to monitor temperature control.

Some other nice features of this infrared grill are the handy side tables that are level with the cooking surface and also fold down if not in use. We also like its mobility as it comes on two wheels for easy transport.



Fully Assembled Dimensions: 25.6 x 39.8 x 39.8

Weight: 60.5 lbs

Porcelain Coated Steel Grates

Warranty: Firebox and Lid 2 year / all other parts 1 year

Tips for using this grill

The grill does require some assembly and is probably best done as a 2-person job.

Line the bottom with foil to make it easy to clean as well as using a non-stick spray before you cook to make cleaning the grates easier.

Add wood chips to get that extra bbq flavor.

We’d suggest a couple of accessories worth picking up with this electric grill, the Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill Brush and the Char-Broil Patio Bistro Cover.

Electric grills do have their limitations compared to gas or charcoal but if you are going to ‘bbq electric’ this one has some nice features and is easy and convenient to use.

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George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill

George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B

Click on the image to check the latest price and more reviews and rating of this indoor-outdoor grill at Amazon

For sheer versatility, this indoor-outdoor electric grill gets top marks. It comes with a useful removable stand so you can set it up outside on your patio or if you want to use it on the counter-top in your kitchen you can also do that.

Similar in size to the Charbroil Infrared it features 240 square inches of cooking space, it also has a nonstick coating which negates the need to use oil or butter to cook with.

The temperature control is simple to use, just choose 1 of 5 settings and you are done. The dome lid really locks in the moisture for juicy burgers, meats or veggies.

It also comes with a drip tray to get rid of all that unwanted grease

Reading online reviews it was mentioned how easy to clean it was and that the assembly was also easy.


Dimensions: 22.2 x 20.5 x 13 inches

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

Weight: 7lbs

The removable stand is the unique selling point for us, it’s also really simple to do it just lifts out no playing around with screws or fasteners. if you are looking for a compact tabletop grill for the kitchen that doubles up as a patio grill then this could be a great affordable solution.



Weber  Q1400 Electric Grill

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray

If we were asked what is likely to be the most popular brand for outdoor grills, Weber would certainly be top of the list.

Weber is known for its high quality and having products that last years not months! If you are looking for a US-made grill that will last then the Weber Q1400 would be worth checking out.

A lot of reviewers online were happy that this grill came ready assembled right out of the box, just unbox it and you are pretty much ready to go.

The Weber Q1400 is a lightweight, compact and easily portable electric grill. This particular Weber grill offers 189 square inches of cooking space so it would be perfect for a couple who want to have a bbq on the weekend but without all the fuss.

If you like Weber Grills and need something a bit larger then the Weber Q2400 is the next size up.

The grill comes with porcelain enamel cast iron cooking grates, the body and lid are made from cast aluminum, while some of the other grills recommended here use cheaper plastic material this one is built for quality. Reviewers found that the nonstick coating made the grill easy to clean.

It is probably the closest electric grill to a propane or charcoal grill as the heating element is exposed giving added flavor. It gets really hot [as long as you don’t keep lifting the lid] and leaves nice sear marks on your burgers and steaks.

The only negatives we found is that its only designed for outdoor use so it can’t be used in the kitchen and it doesn’t come with a stand. Weber do make a portable grilling cart that is designed to hold this grill so that could be an option if you don’t have an outdoor grilling table for it.


Dimensions: 14.5 x 27 x 16.5 inches

Weight – 29.4 lbs

Power – 1,560 Watts/120V

Weber 52020001 Q1400 Electric Grill, Gray


If You live in an apartment with a balcony this would be our ideal choice, it’s certainly a contender for our Number One Electric Grill as it really is a superior grill and Weber are a trusted brand with repeat customers. If you are looking for a smaller grill and don’t want to compromise on quality this would be one to shortlist.

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Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill

Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill with VersaStand


This electric grill offers you two choices you can buy it as a tabletop grill or with a telescoping stand depending on your requirements. The grill surface for the CEG-980 is 145 square inches of cooking space which Cuisinart says can cook up to 8 burgers at a time.

It comes pretty much assembled out the box with no tools needed so you can have it up and cooking in no time.

The CEG-980 is lightweight and portable and perfect for easy storage if you want to travel with it can easily be folded up and put in the trunk of your car.

Some reviewers weren’t impressed with the built-in grease trap and that it fills up very fast, make sure that you line the drip tray with aluminum foil to make for easy disposal.


Dimensions: 22 x 11.8 x 17.6 inches

Weight 16 pounds

For Outdoor Household Use Only

This is an affordable grill with some nice features, especially if you have limited space. Reviews are mixed some customers say that it heats up great and they get nice juicy cooked food others have commented that it doesn’t heat up enough.

It was recommended that you preheat the grill at full power, to begin with, maybe users weren’t doing this?



Americana Electric Cart Grill

Americana Electric Cart Grill with two folding side tables, shelf and rotisserie

This nice-looking grill cart offers 200 square inches of cooking and comes with side tables and wheels. What makes this grill stand apart is the 22-inch rotisserie that’s included so you can easily cook food like rotisserie chicken and Kabobs.

While many of the other grills come with a lid which if lifted can reduce the heat, this comes with a handy viewing window so you can see your food cooking.

The folding side tables and lower storage shelf are both constructed of a weather-resistant wood-plastic composite. This look-of-wood material never needs refinishing, never splits, checks, or rots. This adds to the durability and will keep the appearance of this grill looking great without having to worry about keeping the wood tables and lower shelf clean and dry to prevent rotting.

Though the storage shelf and side tables look like wood it’s actually made from a wood and plastic composite material which is both weatherproof and very durable so you don’t need to worry about it rotting or splitting. Saying that there are obviously electric components to this grill so you won’t want to leave it out in all weathers.

So with many great features, you might wonder why it isn’t our best-rated grill?

A couple of issues that were mentioned was that it uses disposable drip trays which can come in expensive, one way to get around this though is to line the drip tray with foil to easily clean it.

This grill doesn’t heat up enough to sear your meats as some other grills do.

The last negative was that some reviewers reported missing parts when they received the product. Luckily they are a reputable USA brand from Tennessee with good customer service so if this does happen you can usually get it dealt with fairly quickly.

If you like the look of this grill and the features such as the rotisserie and cart the chances are that you will be happy with this grill, It won’t sear your meats but you will still enjoy some great bbq food.




Giantex Electric BBQ Grill

Giantex 1350W Electric BBQ Grill Non-Stick w/ 4 Temperature Setting Outdoor Garden Patio Camping

This is a fairly new grill but in the short time, its been around has got some rave reviews.

Once it arrives it does require some assembly but the instructions are excellent and it shouldn’t take long to have it up and working.

This one has a 240 square inches grill surface so plenty of room to cook your food on. The grill has a nonstick coating making it easy to clean when it comes to it.

While with the stand it can be used as an outdoor grill it can also be removed and used as an indoor grill as well so you get the best of both worlds if you want to cook your food indoors or out.

It comes with 4 heat settings and is able to sear meats and fish, which is a definite plus in our books when it comes to electric grills.

A nice touch but not a deal-breaker for us is the 360-degree revolving condiment tray that is built into the unit so all your favorite sources are easily on hand.


Dimensions: 24.8 x 24.8 X 35.6

Voltage: 120V

UL certified plugs

We really liked this indoor-outdoor grill for all its features it is a nicely priced grill but as its fairly new is so far unproven against its big-name competitors. It does look great though and has some great online reviews so if you are looking for a nice contemporary looking grill at a great price this could be the one.


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Masterbuilt MB20150618 MEG 130B Electric Veranda Grill

Masterbuilt MB20150618 MEG 130B Electric Veranda Grill, Red

Masterbuilt always gets our vote when it comes to outdoor grills and smokers and this electric grill had to go on our list. We loved the futuristic look of this grill, something you could imagine the Jetsons cooking on!

Reviewers described this electrical bbq as easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to clean, which would check most of the boxes that we would require when reviewing electric grills.

The dimensions for this grill are 18.5 x 22.6 x 41.3 inch and it comes with a porcelain coated cooking grate. Masterbuilt say it can grill up to ten burgers, sixteen sausages or twenty-seven hot dogs, on its 196 square inch grilling surface.

We can’t really fault this grill and if like us you dig the affordable price and science fiction vibes it gives off then its certainly one to explore. Plug and play for those who don’t want to mess with charcoal or propane.

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Techwood PRO Smokeless Indoor/Outdoor  BBQ Grill

Techwood PRO Smokeless Grill Indoor/Outdoor Portable Electric BBQ Grill, 18 inches Round Adjustable Temperature Control Tabletop Grill Red Upgraded Version

If you are looking to grill indoors when the weather isn’t so great it always makes sense to choose a smokeless grill.

With a grill surface of 240 square inches, it holds its own against some of the big brand electric grills. The cooking grates are cast iron porcelain and designed to be easy to clean.

Other nice features with this electric grill are easy to remove and clean the drip tray and the fold-able warming grill.

It also has a handy vent in the lid to help your control the temperature.

It doesn’t come with a stand so you will need a suitable table for it if using outside. It will be just fine on a counter-top inside as well.

Its lightweight and portable enough to be picked up and moved around to the area you want to bbq at.


Dimensions: 16.1 x 18.9 x 13.2 inches

Weight: 12.3 pounds

Return Policy: 60-day hassle-free

Warranty: 36 months

This is a very affordable electric grill, its looks good and performs well if you are after an indoor/outdoor grill this would be a good choice. It’s a good size and apartment approved for those of you leaving in apartments or zoned areas when charcoal or propane grills aren’t allowed. Reviews online are all very positive with no highlighted issues.


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Americana Lock ‘N Go Electric Grill

Americana Lock 'N Go Electric Grill, Red

Affordable and lightweight this little grill might be worth a look if you want an easy portable and lockable electric grill for you patio or apartment balcony.

While it does have a few nice features, it has been described as hard to assemble and slow to heat. Once you piece it together though and let the heating element do its job it should provide some tasty bbq food for you.

It’s not the biggest of electric grills with 176 square inches of cooking space and we weren’t that impressed with the short 90-day warranty.

Dimensions are 18 x 19 x 17″ D

While there are a few negatives to this electric grill it is a nice looking grill with a durable and strong construction, if you give it a bit of time to heat up it will give you some tasty food. While it doesn’t quite tick all our checkboxes we think for the price its a reasonably good deal.


Buying Guide to Electric Outdoor Grills

There can be many reasons for choosing an electric grill over a charcoal or propane but often its because of zoning laws or apartment regulations that stipulate you can’t use these other types of grill.

Electric grills are also best for those people who like less fuss, just plug the grill into an electric outlet and you are ready to go.

Are electric grills as good as gas grills?

Electric vs gas grill the age-old question! similar to charcoal grills I believe that you get better flavor from your foods than electric grills. If you have a small apartment or yard and have an electric outlet close by then electric can often be the best method for easily getting that bbq underway. Propane allows you to set up your outdoor cooking area anywhere so it is great for bigger yards or for camping. It’s usually about convenience, do you want to be storing propane tanks? and also are you a really dedicated BBQmeister or just want to have a grill up from time to time with friends or family.

Which is better charcoal or electric grill?

Charcoal grills certainly have their benefits if you want that distinctive outdoor flavor and beautifully seared meat then a charcoal grill is the way to go. Of course, they do require having to have charcoal on hand, they can get very messy and you really need to know what you are doing to get the best from them. similar to propane it’s all about compromise, an electric barbecue is great for easy setup and occasional use but if you want to really take your outdoor cooking seriously then charcoal all the way.


So that’s it from us with 10 of the best electric BBQs to use outdoors. We are always interested to read comments from our readers so if you have any recommendations drop us a comment. You can search our site to discover many more backyard tips and product reviews.

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