Classic Bacon Brisket Burgers Recipe

Today, we’re cooking up a bacon brisket burger and it’s real easy to do.

All you need is some bacon, some beef fat, an onion and some seasoning.

And one other thing you need a beef brisket.

There’s only one way to deal with you are going to need to cut it up in small chunks because we’re gonna run it through a hand grinder, or what grinder you have.

Now, we’ve got those chopped up.

Now we’ve got some beef fat.

Real important for your brisket, right? This adds the moisture and the fat content you’ll need.

And here we’ve got some bacon, right.

We’re gonna be adding bacon to the mix.

And for some added moisture, we’re gonna shred up an onion.

Now if you’ve never had bacon beef brisket burgers before, you definitely gotta check this out.

All right, the onion is being shaved.

And you need to shave it, right, so it really melts into this brisket burger.

So we’re gonna add about one whole onion.

We’ll give everything a mix.

And we’ll take it to the hand grinder.

All right, we’ve ground everything up.

And the only other thing we’re gonna do here is add some seasoning.

We’ll give it a mix.

That’s what the grind should look like for a five-pound brisket.

five-pound pound beef fat and 1/4 pound bacon.

Of course, you want at least 20% fat in your burger for a good tasting burger.

Now we’re gonna make one pound burgers out of this, right.

And you make them look real pretty.

You know how to make your burgers, right? That’s right.

And these are gonna be about one pound each.

Man, are you getting hungry or what? He is good enough to eat already, but it’s not of course.

All right, we’ll form the burgers.

And once you make your burgers, let them sit for about 15 or 20 minutes.

And it will come together real nice.

All right, the burgers have been made, and we’re gonna add another layer of flavor just a little bit more seasoning you have, right.

Just hit it a little it.

All right, let’s put them on the grill.

The burgers have been sitting for about 20 minutes.

They’ve come together really nice.

And at first, we’re gonna put them indirect on a low heat rather than a high temperature.

We don’t wanna bust them apart.

And we’ll start that way for a few minutes.

And then we’ll put it direct over medium heat.

Now you all about making burgers so we don’t need to show you this, right? So the burgers have been cooked medium rare.

We’ll put some cheese and bacon on.

And we’ll get them rolls ready.

And in a miracle of time, take a look at that! Got a little bit of habañero cheese on there, some bacon.

And of course use a good quality bun.

We’re gonna use some fresh, sliced Vidalia onions.

You need some lettuce on a good burger.

Some fresh, sliced tomatoes.

Maybe some pickles.

You set them up the way you want.

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