Outdoor Turkey Fryer Safety


We all love Thanksgiving and the ritual of cooking a big Turkey for all the family. Most people are sensible enough to treat the dangers of cooking with huge pots of oil seriously. Every year though there are people killed and injured and close on a 1,000 properties damaged just over this holiday.

We understand that some people love to cook their turkeys in oil. They

are aware of the dangers and take measures to minimize them.

Personally, we recommend oil less turkey fryers such as the Char broil Big Easy and the Masterbuilt Butterball oil Free turkey fryers.

We are in agreement with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) who promote using the new oil free turkey fryers as well.

Here are some of the Dangers to avoid with Outdoor Turkey Fryers

Ensure your bird is fully thawed – If you put a turkey that is partially thawed into the fryer it could result in oil splattering and causing injury.


Placing the Turkey in the fryer and taking it out – This is the most likely time that you stand a chance of injury, make sure that you wear heat resistant gloves, safety goggles,long sleeves and trousers. With a turkey fryer using around five gallons of oil, you don’t want it splashing all over you if you drop the turkey. Be extremely vigilant and consider the weight and size of the turkey first.

Make sure that the ground is level and the fryer is solidly constructed -If a turkey fryer topples or collapses causing the oil to spill in can easily result in substantial injury. Check that the pot is centred on the burner.

Cooking Oil is Highly Flammable – With deep frying, oil is heated to temperatures of 350 ° Fahrenheit or higher. With cooking oil being highly flammable at high heats there is a chance that vapors can ignite.

Outdoor Use – We are not going to insult your intelligence by pointing out the dangers of cooking with a propane fryer indoors. What we will point out though is that if you have bad weather when cooking outdoors and rain or snows hits the oil it can splatter which could lead to burns.

A decent pair of heat resistant gloves is probably a good idea.

These guys look like they know what they are doing but have made a rookie mistake of cooking indoors

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Propane Tank – Make sure that there is a distance of at least two feet of space between the burner and your propane tank.

Keep a constant watch – You need to keep vigilant and a constant check on your turkey while it is cooking. Make sure that children and pets are kept away from the burner.

Here are a few more Turkey Frying fail Videos


Luckily none of the examples above resulted in serious harm. Treat the task seriously and keep to the guidelines we mentioned above.

If you want to do it right watch this video



And on a final note – We love this William Shatner Video

Where’s the dingle dangle LOL



Have a Safe Thanksgiving Folks!