Masterbuilt 40 inch electric smoker Reviews

I guess that you arrived on this page because you needed some clarification or had some unanswered questions on Masterbuilt’s range of 40-inch electric smokers. We have carried out extensive research on this range of smokers and have scoured the internet reading as many reviews and cross checking as much information as possible.

There is three 40 inch electric models the Masterbuilt, 20070311, 20075315 and the newest 20070115. We will discuss each smoker in depth and go through the benefits, pros and cons of each one.

I’ll warn you now this is a very long and detailed article so if you have specific questions that you need answering feel free to use the Table of Content below to skip to the relevant section that interests you.

Where to buy your Masterbuilt Smoker

Shopping online is the most likely place you are going to get a good deal on your smoker but there is no harm in looking locally if that is your preference. Our recommend online retailer is Amazon as they are a trusted retailer and offer free shipping, usually with a prompt delivery time.

Overview of Masterbuilt’s 40 Inch Smokers

If you’re like me then you’ll agree that nothing tastes better than home smoked meats or fish, that wonderful smoky taste just adds something special to our food.

If you are looking for a range of quality mid-price smokers from a reputable company then this is a good place to start.

If you are a beginner to smoking foods you will be certainly impressed by the ease of use of these smokers, just check out some of the online recipes and you are good to go.

Features and Functions

All three have some similarities that are standard in this range and rather than cover the same ground for all three models I’m going to list and give a brief description of them here;

Radio Frequency Remote Control – this is what gives Masterbuilt the edge other electric smokers this handy device means that you don’t have to be stood in front of your smoker all the time as and can change the smoker settings on the fly.  The option to monitor your smokers’ progress anywhere in your house is a fantastic feature!

If you want to go super High Tech then check out the Masterbuilt 20070115 review further down the page as this also has Bluetooth integration.

Users of the Masterbuilt remote control describe it as flawless, handy and not just a gimmick. They mentioned it was especially usefully for parties and overnight smokes. Also mentioned was that the device could check the internal temperature of whatever you are smoking remotely using the built-in thermometer.

We did notice one slight flaw and that is the remote control has an on and off button that some customers thought was to power off the remote but it actually switches the smoker off as well as the remote!

Viewing Window & Light – the window does provide a bit of reassurance and I do prefer the look of a smoker with window. But saying that the viewing window and light don’t really make much difference as once the unit is giving off a lot of heat it is difficult to see what the food is doing through all the smoke.  This is really no issue as the control panel should give you all the information needed on the progress of your cooking.

Easily Transportable – all the smokers discussed here come with two castor wheels and a bar type handle on the back. You just need to tilt the smoker and you can move it easily.

Easily Assembled –  the unit comes pretty much assembled and the remaining parts that need to be put together just need a Philips screwdriver to complete the setup. If you watch the video below you can watch it being assembled and see just how easy it is.

4 chrome Coated Smoking Racks – there is a huge amount of room in these 40-inch smokers, if you want to cook for a party of people it shouldn’t be an issue.


Masterbuilt 20070115 Bluetooth Smart Digital Electric Smoker

At around a hundred dollars more expensive than the front controller version you really need to weigh up if the smart tech is a clincher for you. Otherwise, the functionality is pretty much the same as the other 40 inch smokers. It is a little less spacious with 721 sq. Inch of cooking space compared to 975 with the remote control models.

Integrated Bluetooth Technology –This high-tech smoker is the most expensive version due to its smart Bluetooth technology which integrates with your phone or handheld device to turn it into a remote control unit.

This means that you can power on and off, keep an eye on and regulate your cooking temperature levels and also the time and even monitor the internal meat temperature all from your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Reading through reviews the Bluetooth function seems to work better if you have line of sight between your Bluetooth device and your smoker.

Masterbuilt Digital Smoker Video

Below is a short video from Masterbuilt showing some of the features and functions of their Bluetooth Smoker.


Masterbuilt 20075315 front controller

The front controls on this model make it easier to view how your food is cooking but otherwise, there seems to be very little different between this model and the top control model though this later model is cheaper in price.

Masterbuilt 20070311 top controller

As mentioned above,there seems to be little difference between these two models unless you really prefer a top control panel on your electric smoker we would suggest going for the later 20075315 model as it is cheaper and with all the same features.

So what do We Like about the Masterbuilt 40 Electric Smokers?

Ease of Use – Great for beginners or for those who want a bit less of a hands-on experience.  Using the remote control you don’t have to be standing over your smoker monitoring it all the time. The Side wood chip loading system is great as well as its unique design allows you to add wood chips while also preventing the smoker from releasing smoke or heat.


Meat Probe Thermometer [Built In] – if we noticed one thing about this backyard smoker that was positively raved about for these 40-inch smokers and that is this feature. It really does make cooking your food to the right temperature a piece of cake.


Safe for Young Children – Because the unit is so well insulated the outside of the smoker gets warm but not burning hot so if you have young kids running around you have a little more reassurance. Obviously, they should be warned to not go near or touch the smoker but that is just common sense.


What can be improved?

90 Day Warranty – We weren’t too impressed with the short warranty but Masterbuilt’s customer care does seem to be very proactive and replace defective parts after the warranty has expired.

Here are a couple of examples we found in reviews online;

‘I called Masterbuilt, and they shipped me out a new controller for this smoker, for no charge. I haven’t installed it yet, but I appreciate them replacing it since it’s out of the 90-day warranty.’

‘Customer support is second to none. It’s hard to find companies that stand behind their products the way Masterbuilt does. If something is defective, they will fix it with little to no questions asked.’

Customer Complaints – We did notice that there were a number of complaints from users who reported faults with their electric smokers. The main issue is that there is a lot more to go wrong with an electric smoker than if you purchased a quality charcoal or gas smoker. You need to way up the ease of use ‘set and forget’ of the electric smoker with the more hands on and down and dirty charcoal or gas smoker.

Also please note that there was an earlier model of the 40-inch electric smoker that had a number of faults that was discontinued. These issues have since been rectified with the newer models discussed in this review.


Here are some common questions and answers that we found discussed online the most…

Can you use your Electric Smoker Indoors?

The quick answer to this one is no! Smokers are designed for outdoor use, and not only is it dangerous to use them indoors the smell and smoke would make it very unpleasant for indoor use.  Ideally, when not in use you should store in a shed or garage and we would suggest buying a cover for it as well.

Can you Smoke at Low Temperatures?

Unfortunately not, if you want to smoke products such as cheese or lox Masterbuilt do have a cold smoker attachment that allows you more options and flexibility with the products that you wish to smoke.

How does the Smoker perform in cold weather?

These are well-insulated smokers and reviews have reported that they have performed well even in subzero temperatures.  The control panel /remote control and built-in meat probe means that you don’t need to keep opening up the smoker and losing heat. The Remote Control also gives you the convenience of monitoring your progress from the warmth of your home!

Is it Easy to Clean?

There is always going to be a bit of cleaning up to do after smoking your food but you can minimize it by using our top tip. What we recommend is lining the water and drip trays with aluminum foil.

How often do you need to add wood chips?

For the first 4 hours or so of you smoke you will need to add them  every 30-40 minutes and then you can just monitor the temperature using the remote or control panel and add when needed.  The side loading system makes this a breeze and you don’t even have to open the door.

Can the Smoker be left outside?

The manual suggest not exposing it to water or rain so really we would suggest at the very least getting a cover for it and removing the control unit. As it is a piece of electrical equipment the optimal storage would be somewhere with a roof to protect it from the elements.

What Meats am I able to smoke?

You can cook Sausages, ribs, briskets, whole chicken, pretty much any meat that you can think of. Users have talked about cooking 25lb turkeys in these large 40-inch electric smokers; you just need to remove a couple of the shelves.

Lets end it with a Masterbuilt Smoker Recipe


Our Final Verdict

The Barbeque and smoking mafia will tell you that you don’t get the same flavor from an electric smoker as you would get from a charcoal smoker. What they don’t mention is how messy charcoal is or that you will have to be constantly monitoring your food. The Masterbuilt 40 inch electric smokers provide you with easy, hands off smoking that makes you fantastic tasty ribs, sausages or whatever other foods you like to smoke.

Unless you are really into your high-end gadgets we don’t think the Blue Tooth has much more benefit than using the remote control so if you want to save a few dollars forget the smart oven. Enjoy your party put up your feet and watch TV while monitoring your smoker remotely, how can you beat that!

If you are looking for a large electric smoker look no further than the Masterbuilt range of 40-inch smokers.

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