Best Portable Fire Pit

If you find yourself wanting a fire pit for your next event, you’ll find that there are many to choose from – some are super stylish, while others aren’t so stylish. Fire pits are a great way to get in touch with your rustic side and you can use them throughout the year.

Sure, you could always go for an outdoor heater, but a fire pit will offer that 360 degrees of open flames – you will want to find a style that fits your needs and for this reason, we have put together a list of popular fire pits just for you.

What to Look for in a Fire Pit

Gas fire pits, classic fire pits, tabletop fire pits …if you’re not familiar with fire pits, all of this may sound like foreign terminology to you. If you enjoy sitting there and chilling next to a campfire, then a fire pit would be a great addition as it can enhance the atmosphere of your patio, backyard or deck – plus, depending on the type you buy, if it’s portable, you can take it along with you to tailgating events and the campgrounds. Many of us know and love the classic campfire style ambiance, but what do we do if we don’t know anything about fire pits?

That is where this guide comes in handy – I am reaching out to make finding and buying a fire pit easy for you. Starting out, I’m going to tell you what you should look for in a fire pit, then I’m going to move forward by introducing you to some reviews on what I feel is the cheapest portable fire pit, best folding fire pit, longest lasting fire pit and so on.


Most of the portable fire pits you come across will be made of metal. Metal is easy to clean, durable and fireproof. The popular fire pit material options include the following:

Steel – Most steel fire pits use a black metal that is resistant to corrosion for the construction of the pit and the legs. For extra durability, the metal comes in  powder-coated and painted varieties. Believe it or not, steel is fairly light in weight, so you can easily move it around your yard. If you’re looking for a portable pit, then steel would be your best bet.

Copper – Even if you don’t have a fire burning in the fire pit, if it’s copper, there’s going to be a nice touch of warmth. Fire pits that are made of copper material look great, but it can get dirty fairly quick. For this reason, in order to maintain that shiny look, you will need to clean I ton a frequent basis.

Cast Iron – This type of material is great for spreading heat. However, fire pits that are made of cast iron are going to be heavy, so it’s not a good choice if you’re looking for something that is portable. If you want to keep the fire pit in one place, then cast iron is great because it will be hard to knock over.

Fuel Sources

Gas – If you want a fire pit that can ignite simply by flipping a switch, then a gas fire pit is the way to go. These type of fire pits may use propane tanks and will give you some control over the flame. Often times, gas fire pits have bowl fillers that are made of lava rocks, stones, or glass beads – these hide the bottom burner and give a fancy touch to the fire pit. Any time you wish to change the look of the fire pit, you can change the fillers. As an additional benefit to gas fire pits, they’re smokeless, so you’re not going to walk away smelling like smoke.

Wood –You have the traditional wood fire pits that will do a great job at bringing out that nostalgic feel to any backyard event. Wood fires are harder to start and the smoke may bother you.

You can use propane or natural gas fire pits on open patios that have overhead roofs and you don’t have to deal with the smell of smoke or hassle with wood or worry about ashes. However, if you really want the traditional feel and enjoy the sound of a crackling fire and don’t mind using wood, then there’s nothing wrong with a wood fire pit.


Tables – A fire pit table is great because they make it so that you and your guests can enjoy eating in the warmth of a nice fire.

Decorative – Whether it’s lit or unlit, many fire pits act as a beautiful outdoor accent. Decorative options include inscriptions, landscape scenes and so on.

Grilling – Some fire pits (I’ve included them on my list) come equipped with a cooking grate, making it so that you can use it as a grill.


Spark Screen – Some fire pits include a spark screen. The spark screen will keep the burning embers and sparks inside the bowl.

Pizza Oven – Some pits can double as a pizza oven. These type of pits are great if you enjoy making pizza on a grill.

Wood Grate – A wood grate makes for better combustion.

Our Top Three Picks

[amazon table=”1262″]

Portable fire pit reviews

Cheapest portable Fire Pit

Sorbus Fire Pit 22", Portable Outdoor Fireplace, Backyard Patio Fire Bowl, Foldable Legs, Includes Safety Mesh Cover, Poker Stick and Carry Bag, Great for Camping, Outdoor Heating, Bonfire, Picnic,

Across the network, it appears AmazonBasics 26-inch folding fire pit has a pretty healthy label – everything about it screams “dependable.” So, for starters, if you’re looking for one of the best portable fire pits that is not only dependable but also affordable, then this one right here is our top pick. This one has legs that fold up, which makes it easy to transport, and it is fairly shallow.

[amazon box=”B01KYBUOU0″ title=”Amazon Basics Fire Pit” description=”Great Budget Option”]



Easy to Assemble

The ones that designed this fire pit obviously put a whole lot of thought into it. The legs of the fire pit are sturdy and securely attach to the unit and here’s the bonus – no tools are required! This is a user-friendly fire pit that you can put together in only a matter of minutes.

Dual Grates

This pit is equipped with two grates that are removable – you have a cooking grate and a log grate. All you have to do is place the log on the bottom of the steel fire bowl. It will slightly raise the wood and create just the right amount of space underneath, making for enhanced airflow. The second grate is a bit wider and fits further up into the bowl – it can be used for grilling burgers, or whatever you like to grill. The swinging door lifts up, so you can add more wood to the pit without interrupting the cooking process.

Regardless of who you are, if you’re looking for an affordable fire pit that you can take from your backyard to the beach, and so on, then look no further an AmazonBasics 26-inch folding fire pit. Not only does it offer the opportunity to relax beside a cozy fire, it also ensures versatility and portability – with the nice features we just told you about, combined with the price tag, it is the ultimate fire pit.

Fire Screen

The fire screen is dome-shaped and heat resistant and it fits right on top of the fire bowl. This way, you will have a pleasant view of the fire, while keeping the sparks contained. There’s a loop handle that makes it easy to place it and remove it. There’s a handy fire tool that comes with the product, which is recommended when removing the fire screen.

Folding Design

The legs are slightly curved, so once they have been attached to the base, they will be stable on any terrain, whether it’s sand, grass, pavement, or just plain dirt. The legs can be folded underneath, which makes for portability.

A Convenient Carrying Bag

Included with this product, you will receive a convenient carrying bag, making it even easier to transfer your fire pit wherever you need. It features a two-loop handle and durable zippers. All you have to do is remove the fire pit from the bag, unfold the legs and it will be ready to use.

All in all, with this fire pit, you have a lot to look forward to. Sure, the price tag may be low, but based on what everyone is saying about this fire pit, the quality is high.

Best folding Fire Pit

Global Outdoors Portable Fire Pit Grill Flame Caddy

Based on the price and the quality, I am labeling the Global outdoors portable fire pit grill flame caddy one of the best currently on the market.  If you’re currently looking for a good fire pit for whatever reason, you may want to consider this for all of the reasons listed below …

No Tools Required

Assembling this pit is quick and easy and I really like how it doesn’t require any tools to put it together. I don’t know about you, but when something that is supposed to be portable requires tools, it’s a major downfall in my book.

Easy to Store

When it’s all said and done and it’s time to wrap it all up, this pit is easy to store. All you have to do is fold it up and be on your way. To give you an idea of the size, it folds down to the size of a briefcase.

Mesh Screens

For max heat and of course, safety, this pit includes mesh screens that are made of high-quality materials.

Cooking Area

If you’re feeling a bit on the hungry side, you’re in luck! This pit has a lid on it that acts as a large cooking area. That’s right, you can turn this fire pit into a nice grill. Now that’s what I call handy.


This pit/grill is made of sturdy and durable steel, so it’s not going to let you down.

Global outdoors fire pit is not only a fire pit but also a grill, which makes it very convenient.  It’s easy to store, made of high-quality materials and is easy to set up, making this one of the best on the market.

[amazon box=”B00ZJELSTO” title=”Global Outdoors Portable Fire Pit ” description=”This is our Top Rated Folding Fire Pit. It fits down to the size of a briefcase and doesn’t require any tools for assembly. As an added feature you can cook on this one as well.”]



Top Rated Portable Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit - Outdoor Fire Pit for Patio & Backyard. Less Smoke So Clothes Won't Smell. Modern Stainless Steel Design. Great for Outdoor, Backyards, Patio, Camping, Festivals

Okay, if you’re still looking for a fire pit that will sweep you off your feet, then the Solo Stove Bonfire might just do the trick. This one right here just so happens to be one of the most unique (and top rated) fire pits I have found. With the stainless steels construction, it pushes the limits of both minimalist outdoor design and combustion airflow efficiency. On Kickstarter, this design sold over $1.1M.

Burn/Low Smoke

This means those half burn logs are going to be history because there will be a more complete burn with little to no smoke.  You see, when you have a bonfire, the thing you have to deal with is smoke, but with this product, you won’t have to walk away smelling like smoke anymore. Instead of dodging smoke, you’ll be able to enjoy the bonfire.

Secondary Combustion

This product has a double wall design. For this reason, the burning process and the airflow will be maximized. In the bottom, there’s a vent hole that feeds oxygen to the fire, while channeling warm oxygen between the back into the fire and the walls.

Portable – There is no setup required. Included is a heavy duty carry case, making it even easier to carry around.

This is one of the most unique fire pits in the world. It offers a backyard fire experience like none other. It has been designed with a double wall and has unique airflow properties that make it one of the most efficient fire pits currently on the market. Basically, if you’re looking for a fire pit that has been designed with the community in mind, you’re looking at it right now.

[amazon box=”B01LX9ABGX” title=”Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit” description=”Top of the range portable wood fuelled fire pit if you want the Best Portable Wood Fire Pit on the Market then look no further.”]



Longest Lasting Fire Pit

Double Flame Patio Fire Pit | Wood-Burning, Smoke-less, Portable, Stainless Steel Fire Pit for Backyard | Made in America

Another interesting fire pit I have on my list is the double flame fire pit and it will allow you to easily set up your campfire, regardless of the day of the week. It only weighs 42 pounds, making it very portable, so you can take it along with you to your campsites, outdoor barbecues, the beach, or any other outdoor adventure.

Stainless Steel Walls

This fire pit features double stainless steel walls. These walls heat up and release hot air from the bottom to holes that are running along the rim. Due to this feature, the smoke is reduced, so you don’t have to worry about smoke.


This fire pit is made of heavy-duty stainless steel – this material is known for being able to withstand corrosion and rust and can last in an outdoor environment for up to 15 years.

Optional Feature

This fire pit has an interesting optional feature that will allow you to grill on it – this isn’t included with the grill itself like I said, it’s optional, but it comes in handy if you like to grill on an open fire.

All in all, the double flame fire pit is one of the longest lasting fire pits currently on the market and for this reason, I highly recommend it.

[amazon box=”B01MYXYVOD” title=”Double Flame Fire Pit” description=”This Prize Winning American Made Fire Pit gets our vote.”]


Coziest Fire Pit

Sorbus Fire Pit 22", Portable Outdoor Fireplace, Backyard Patio Fire Bowl, Foldable Legs, Includes Safety Mesh Cover, Poker Stick and Carry Bag, Great for Camping, Outdoor Heating, Bonfire, Picnic,

If you’re currently looking for a super cozy fire pit that you can sit next to and relax during those cool nights, then the Sorbus Fire Pit might just be what you’re looking for.  With the Sorbus fire pit, you might want to do more than just sit there – with the glowing fire nesting in front of you, you may want to grill some delicious food!

Heat and Grill

This fire pit will offer the beautifully lit atmosphere you have always dreamed of. It is made with a dual-purpose design that makes it great for not only heating but grilling as well. That’s right, you can also grill food! This fire pit features a charcoal grid, poker, mesh screen, and foldable legs for your convenience and safety.

Deep Bowl

It has a deep bowl, which means the fires will last for a longer period of time. Plus, it is a great heat conductor.

Mesh Cover

There’s a mesh cover on the grill, so you and your guests will be protected from stray sparks. The mesh can easily be lifted so that you can adjust the logs in order to keep the fire going.

Regardless of who you are, whether you like entertaining or just sitting by an open fire at night, the Sorbus Fire Pit is definitely worth looking into.  You can grill, relax and enjoy the cool evening by a beautifully lit fire with your family and friends.  If you’re on the go, all you have to do is fold the four legs down and put it in the portable carrying bag that comes with the grill.

[amazon box=”B071G6PQ11″ title=”Sorbus Backyard Fire Pit” description=”Sorbus have a great range of products and this is their entry level model. It will look great where ever you plan to set it up.”]


Best Fire Pit to Use as a Center Piece

Regal Flame Camp Mate 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit with Lid and Straps

If you’re searching for a good fire pit that would make a great centerpiece for your next backyard bbq, then you may be interested in the Regal Flame Propane Outdoor Camp Mate. Only weighing 23.3 pounds, this is a portable fire pit that is light in weight and compact, which makes it easy to take with you during your camping trips, while tailgating, and anywhere you need a campfire.


Don’t let the small size of this fire pit fool you, because it is actually quite powerful. The 58,000 BTU fire pit offers just the right amount of warmth. It emits a smokeless, clean flame that you can cook over. This fire pit is great for making delicious S’more, without having to deal with the smoke or firewood.


This fire pit can burn for 15 hours using a standard 20-pound propane tank. The durable steel construction and steel burner will last for a long period of time, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

Included with this fire pit, you’ll receive a lid with straps, making it easy to store and carry around with you – you’ll also receive an LP propane tank stabilizer and a 10ft gas line with a regulator. Regal Flame is well known for producing top of the line fire pits, fireplaces, firewood racks, gas logs, accessories and more, all at prices that are affordable.

[amazon box=”B01N5UG97O” title=”Regal Flame Propane Outdoor Camp Mate” description=”Lightweight and powerful makes this a great choice for our shortlist.”]


Longest Burning Fire Pit

Sunward Patio Portable Outdoor 58,000 BTU Propane Fire Pit / 19" Fire bowl/Lava Rocks, Carry Handle, Lid and Weather Resistant Bag Included!

For those of you that are looking for a good fire pit that will burn for a long period of time, then you may be interested in the Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit. This fire pit can burn up to 24 hours continuously, using a 5-gallon propane tank.

Durable Steel Construction

The durable steel construction ensures that it will last for a long period of time.  With this fire pit, you have durable steel construction and a stainless steel burner.

This is a simple, yet elegant fire pit that you can use as a patio heater. You can enjoy this fire pit, regardless of the season – whether it’s a summer night or a chilly winter afternoon, the Sunward Patio fire pit burner will be sure to keep you and your guests warm.

Ease of Use

With this patio fire pit, you won’t need any chemical fire starters or firewood, which makes it hassle free. All you have to do is hook a propane tank up to the fire pit and you’ll be good to go. Take note that these fire pits do not come with the propane tank – that is something you will need to purchase separately. Using the included 10’ gas line, all you have to do is turn the gas knob to the lowest setting and light the pit.


If you’re looking for a compact patio fire pit, then you’re going to be happy with this one. It is light in weight and portable, making it easy to take anywhere you need.


With a clean, smokeless flame, this 58,000 BTU patio fire pit offers the warmth you desire. If you ask me, that means it’s time to make S’mores.

The fact that this fire pit can burn for 24 hours continuously on a 5 lb propane tank really caught my attention. You can enjoy this fire pit any time and you can take it anywhere you desire – you’ll no longer be restricted due to campfire bans.

[amazon box=”B072M3V4P4″ title=”Sunward Patio Propane Fire Pit” description=”If you want to keep your fire burning all night then this is the one to check out.”]


Best Matchless Fire Pit

Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit with 4 Roasting Sticks, Black

After reading a lot about the Redwood Portable fire pit, I have decided that it is one of the best matchless fire pits currently on the market. This fire pit is easy to use and it will keep you warm on your back patio, at the tailgate party or at the campsite.

Adjustable Flame-Control

The Redwood Portable fire pit allows you to control the flame, so you can keep it just right for cooking hot dogs or roasting marshmallows.


This is also a nice decorative fire pit – it has pine tree cutouts on the sides, which makes it a nice centerpiece.


Due to the fact that this is a propane-fueled flame, it’s a smokeless fire pit, so you don’t have to worry about walking away with your clothes smelling like smoke.

Roasting  Sticks

This fire pit includes 4 extendable roasting sticks, which will come in handy.

The Redwood Fire Pit is made of heavy gauge steel and nickel coated steel safety rings, so you can count on it lasting for a long period of time. If you’re looking for a fire pit that is easy to use, is matchless, and looks great, then the Redwood Portable fire pit might just be what you’re looking for.

[amazon box=”B004YE1FWA” title=”Redwood Portable  Fire Pit” description=”Propane powered with a matchless ignition you can see why this is getting some great reviews online”]


Best Fire Pit with a Natural Flame

Outland Firebowl 863 Cypress Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 21-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU

A natural flame is something we know and love and that is why I have decided to introduce you to the Outland Fire Bowl fire pit. It has a lower profile, which increases the functional heat radius and the Helios stainless steel burner technology puts off a more natural flame. This fire it has been optimized in order to offer the largest profile, while still maintaining portability and that nice, unique design.

Smokeless Flame

This 21” diameter 58,000 BTU propane fire bowl is great because it produces a nice, clean and smokeless flame. It looks like a campfire, but without all of that smoke.


Due to the fact that this fire pit is light in weight, it is portable and easy to set up. No tools are required for this fire pit.

Included with the fire pit, you’ll receive a carry/cover kit, propane tank stabilizer ring, pre-attached 10-foot hose with a regulator and a decorative rock set. If you like to enjoy natural flames, then look no further than the Outland Fire Bowl fire pit.

[amazon box=”B073SMX1TC” title=”Outland Firebowl Fire Pit” description=”Fantastic choice for cozy, warm outdoor fun, this is going to look beautiful in any backyard.”]



Whether you choose the best matchless fire pit, longest burning fire pit, longest lasting fire pit, or any of the other fire pits that I have included on this list, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice. Each one of the fire pits here has been thoroughly researched in order to make sure I chose the best of the best.

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