Best Rotisserie Grill

Best Rotisserie Grill – If you’ve browsed through the grill section of the store, you probably came face to face with grills from Char-Broil, Weber, and many others.

You may have even listened to a sales person tell you about the BTU’s, amazing rotisserie (that’s a must-have for us), the surface areas, infrared burners, side burners, and a dozen other things you can’t exactly remember.

Now, you’re sitting there more confused than ever before. What you need right now is some friendly advice on what to look for in a gas grill. Here you go …

The Price

Take it from us, many times, regardless of the product, you are going to get what you pay for. If you go to the local department store, you’ll find gas grills that range from $150 to $250 (depending on the store). There are some grills that run in the thousands. Having an idea of how much money you want to spend on the grill will help you out. When comparing prices, make sure you also compare the features.


The fuel is important. Are you wanting natural gas or propane? If you choose a natural gas grill, then you’re going to need to have a gas line to hook the grill up to. Many grills can be purchased in either of these configurations, but you cannot run a natural gas grill on propane and vice versa.

The Material

Yes, the material is definitely important. The main body of the grill is usually made from cast iron, sheet metal, or stainless steel. Personally, we believe stainless steel is the best material and many professional cooks use this, but it is also the most expensive. Take note that not all stainless steel is the same.

Also, while the body material is important, you cannot forget about the frame. There are many companies advertising “stainless steel” grills that have steel frames that have been painted and that will rust.

Once you have decided on the material, look over the entire grill and see how it has been put together. Take out a magnet and see if it is all stainless steel because some manufacturers will take shortcuts and use metal.

The Size of the Grill

Once you have the above factors decided, you need to figure out what size of grill you’re looking for. For the size, think about how many people you will be cooking for and the type of food you plan on cooking.

If you plan on cooking something big like a turkey, or you want to cook up to 50 hamburgers all at one time, then you’re going to want to go for a big grill, obviously. If you only plan on cooking a couple of chicken breasts or steaks here and there, then you probably won’t mind going for a smaller grill.

Also, take note of the space you have for a grill – you want something that will safely fit in your environment.

The Features

The features are a deciding factor. Do you want a side burner and rotisserie burner complete with lights and the whole nine yards? Features cost money, but many times, especially with a rotisserie burner, the price is worth it. Only buy the features you know you will be using.

If you have decided you want a grill with a rotisserie burner (that’s a good choice, by the way), then have a look at the following grills

Best Gas  Grill with Rotisserie Burner

Arke BBQ Grill 5 Skewer Gas Rotisserie Authentic Brazilian Barbecue at home - BBQ Roaster Oven - Perfect for Chicken, Fish, Beef, Vegetables & more!

Imagine sitting down in the comfort of your own home to enjoy a lovely authentic Brazilian meal. The Master Brazilian Grill right here can make all of those dreams come true – for the first time, you will be able to cook authentic Brazilian BBQ and it’ll have the identical taste to the food you find in a Brazilian Steakhouse.

The rotisserie cookers have been a big hit, but combining the typical gas grill with a rotisserie burner is even better! One of the best gas grills with rotisserie burner that we found on the market just so happens to be the Arke BBQ Grill. With the Arke BBQ grill, you will be on your way to enjoying amazing Brazilian-style food in the comfort of your own home.

With this grill, you can cook up something like the ”popular “churrasco,” that you would normally find in a Brazilian restaurant.

When you have this grill in your backyard, you don’t want to be greedy now, do you? You’ll have all of your guests lined up at this grill waiting for the ultimate BBQ experience.

You know food always tastes better when it is combined with good company, cold drinks, and a nice sunny day. Once you get this grill, you’re going to want to fill it with chicken, sausages, steaks, or your favorite cut of meat, and trust me, you’re going to be surprised because it could end up turning out better than the food you’d get in an actual Brazilian restaurant.

As far as space goes with this grill, that shouldn’t be a problem – there should be more than enough room inside for you. Since it has a clear glass door, you can watch it while your food is being perfected.

Easy to Use, Smoke-Free and Eco-Friendly – Yes, it is all three of those things and that’s one of the reasons why we like this grill so much (besides the fact that it cooks delicious food). It doesn’t consume as much gas as the traditional grills while it cooks, and it works with LPG.

As an additional bonus, it is smoke-free, so when you go to cook your food, you’re not going to walk away smelling like you walked inside of the grill.  The gas is easy to install and it comes complete with a hose, gas valve and clamps, so all you need to do is get the propane tank and attach it.


The Rotisserie – The rotisserie is definitely what makes this grill stand out from the crowd. It is perfect for beef, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

Multi-Skewer – This system will continuously rotate your food until it is evenly cooked.

Easy to Clean – Due to the modern design, the grill is easy to clean when you’re done. As an additional bonus, it is smoke-free! This means you can enjoy delicious food with a nice BBQ flavor, without having to worry about smoke.

Roaster – Equipped with this grill, you have a restaurant-grade roaster. On the back, there are electronic burners that are individually controlled. Depending on the model you choose, you will have either 1 or 2 burners.

If you’re looking for a rotisserie cooker and a grill at the same time, then you might as well combine the two. On this grill, you can cook so many different varieties. It’s perfect for beef, fish, chicken, or other meats and even vegetables. With those thoughts in mind, we recommend the Arke BBQ grill for all of the above reasons

[amazon box=”B076PNW9W4″ title=”Arke Brazillian Rotisserie Grill” description=”Cook fabulous tasting meat on this easy to clean, smokeless Rotisserie Grill.”]

Professional Grill with  Built-in Rotisserie

Monument Grills 17842 Stainless Steel 4 Burner Propane Gas Grill with Rotisserie


The Monument Grills 17842 is another great gas grill with a rotisserie and includes a ready built in rotisserie. Since it’s made out of stainless steel, you can count on relying on the grill for many years to come.


Cooking Space – On this grill, you will have a total of 513.3 square inches of cooking space. With this much cooking space, you could cook a great deal of food.

The Build Quality – When it comes to grills, the big quality definitely matters. With Monument Grills, you’ll find that the assembly process is a bit more complex than some of the other grills. However, if you don’t mind that sort of thing, you’ll have fun with the process.

If not, then you could always have someone put it together for you. The lid, side shelves, and doors are made with stainless steel.  It’s the same type of steel that is inside of the top of the line appliances like refrigerators and you can even find it on automobile trim. It has good corrosion resistance and great heat resistance.

Burners – You have 4 main burners and a side burner built into the grill.

Searing Burner – Yes, it even comes with a nice searing burner, which as you probably already know, will come in handy.

The searing burner is a rare feature that you don’t normally find on grills. With this burner at hand, you will have the opportunity to sear your steaks either before or after they have been cooked. Many claims that cooking at medium heat for a longer period of time will give you better results.

Removable Grease Tray – The removable grease tray makes everything easier. It has a nice wide funnel that covers the bottom area. This way, the lower cabinet, and tank won’t get covered with drippings from the grill.

Rotisserie – For cooking a variety of different foods, this grill comes with an attachable rotisserie.

BTUs – Offering 72,000 BTUs, you have a whole lot of cooking power.

There’s just something about those grills that have a built-in rotisserie with it – it makes them even better. With this grill, you can count on a fresh steak with some delicious charred vegetables on the side …or maybe even a perfect rotisserie chicken.

Regardless of the type of food you like, whether it’s beef, fish, pork, or chicken, this grill will do a great job cooking it.

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Best Grill for the Money – Weber S-470 Propane Grill

Weber Summit 7170001 S-470 Stainless-Steel 580-Square-Inch 48,800-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

When we think of grills, our attention automatically goes to Weber, because they’re well known for making high-quality grills that will last for many years. If you’re looking for the type of grill that has everything you have ever dreamed of all in one, then the Weber S-470 might just be the option for you, as long as you have the money to spare.

You will have an infrared rotisserie burner, side burners, a smoker box, and even a dedicated sear burner. Altogether, this grill has eight burners, and each burner has its own control knob. Weber offers good customer support and warranty, so we believe you could get a nice 10 years out of the S-470.

This is one of the best gas grills you’re going to find by Weber – the Summit Line has been labeled the best line yet. This is actually the smallest out of the Summit line, but it is super attractive. If you’re looking for a grill that produces high heat for less fuel and is capable of offering a professional level of even heat, then this one right here might just be suitable for you.

A rotisserie is an option on this gas grill, or it wouldn’t be listed in this guide. It is capable of doing everything from searing a juicy steak to cooking a nice turkey.


A Tuck-Away Rotisserie Kit – One of the best features on this grill would be the tuck-away rotisserie kit. With the rotisserie kit, you will be able to enjoy rotisserie chicken, fish, beef, other meats, and even vegetables.

Grill Light –  On this grill, there’s a handle-mounted grill light that is battery-powered. So, if you’re cooking in the dark and don’t have an extra person to hold a flashlight for you, this should be more than enough. It really is a cute little feature to have and isn’t something you would find on common grills.

Made of Cast Aluminum – The cook boxes on the grill are efficient, durable, and don’t require a whole lot of maintenance. They are fully capable of withstanding the heat that is required to grill food at any temperature.

Cooking Grates –The cooking grates on this grill have been constructed from stainless steel, porcelain-enameled stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled cast-iron.

All three of these materials are capable of evenly retaining heat and searing food like a professional. The cast-iron and porcelain-enabled cooking grates don’t need to be seasoned and when you’re done the cooking, they’re easy to clean.

Burner Tubes – The burner tubes on this grill are made out of top of the line stainless steel material. It ’s a single piece of still and doesn’t have any welds, which is known for making them more resistant to rust and makes them stronger. The Flavorizer bars protect the tubes from grease dripping on them, but they can easily be cleaned with a brush.

Controls for Every Burner – Each burner has its own control, and you will have the ability to grill by the indirect or the direct method. The burners are nicely spaced so that they evenly spread heat.

Flavorizer Bars –Now, we want to talk to you about those flavorizer bars. The Flavorizer bar system is something that Weber originally created and it is sitting at just the right angle on this grill. These bars are long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain. When juice from the meat drips, it runs down to these Flavorizer bars and then it vaporizes into smoke – what doesn’t vaporize will flow down to the grease management system.

The Grease Management System – Not only does this have a catch pan that comes in handy, but it also has an angled grease tray. The grease tray is located right under the cook box, but don’t worry, it is safely tucked away from the burner tubes, so you don’t have to worry about it catching on fire. The tray can easily be slid out of its place, so you can clean it when you’re done. Once the catch pan starts to fill up, all you have to do is remove the drip pan that is disposable, toss it away and replace it with a new one.

A Fuel Gauge – Thanks to the fuel gauge, you will know if you are running low on fuel or not.

This grill is highly recommended if you have the money to spend on it. From the start, Weber revolutionized grilling and ever since then, they have continuously developed high-quality products to enhance the grilling experience.

Whether you’re cooking hamburgers, chicken, turkey, fish or vegetables, with this grill right here, you can count on your food turning up just as delicious, if not more delicious, than the food you would get at a fine restaurant.

[amazon box=”B002BCSX0Y” title=”Weber Summit S470 Grill” description=”This grill has Weber’s usual trademark high quality but the icing on the cake is the pop-up rotisserie grill for bbq restaurant quality rotisserie chicken”]


Deluxe Grill- Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 

Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Next on our list, we have the Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill – it is a very nice top of the line gas grill that is available at an affordable price. Looking at the Napoleon, we can see why Weber Summit looks at it as competition. This model has both a natural gas and a propane version, but it doesn’t have a kit to convert one to the other.

On this grill, you have four burners that put out 12,000 BTUs, a main burner, and one 18,000 BTU rotisserie burner that is located in the back of the cooking box. On the size table, there’s an infrared burner that puts out 14,000 BTUs.

The main burners are connected to the front and the back – each burner has its own ignition to control it.  All you have to do is turn the temperature knob and it will start right up.

One of the side shelves has a nice 9×14.75 inch side burner that is referred to as the “sizzle zone.” This is because it is equipped with a ceramic infrared burner with thousands of small burners that is capable of reaching temperatures of over 1000 degrees F and it can beautifully sear steaks (two at a time).

Unlike some of the other Infrared burners, the temperature of this burner can be turned down so that you can make sauces, and other things that require low temperatures.

Over the four burners, there are four steel burner shields that are stainless steel. In between those burners, there are three more, which is helpful for reducing those hot spots.


Rotisserie– The rotisserie burner on this grill is really good – it is stainless steel and comes with a nice rotisserie motor as well as a spear equipped with two forks and a counterweight. We personally believe the counterweight comes in handy because with some foods, it is hard to balance – you can think of the counterweight like balancing your tires.

With this, you can choose to add two more forks, which would be a good idea, because there is more than enough room and the motor is good enough to be able to handle it.

There’s also an optional basket they sell that would go good with it – it wraps around the spear of the rotisserie. You can toss cubes of meat, shrimp, or veggies in the basket and it will give them a nice sear.

Grates and Warming Wrack – The grates that are on the main grill are nice and thick – they’re made of stainless steel. On warming wrack on the other hand is a bit thinner and plated with a chrome wire – the wire will warp if you leave it on when you use the rotisserie (this is something that is actually in the Owner’s Manual, so make sure you remove it before turning the rotisserie on).

Drip Pan – There is a small removable drip pan that is disposable – the drip pan is located in the cabinet and it is easy to grab from the front of the grill, making it convenient for cleanup. When you cook meats that have a large amount of drippings, you will need to empty the grease pan.

This is a good grill that has won over a lot of people, which is why it is on this list. Once you have assembled the grill, you are going to be impressed at the build – it looks great. If you’re looking for a deluxe BBQ grill that has a rotisserie cooker built in to it, then this would be a viable option for you.

[amazon box=”B01BOZDFFG” title=”Napoleon Prestige 500 gas grill” description=”Top of the range natural gas grill that comes with a heavy duty rotisserie”]

Cleaning the Rotisserie Parts on the Grill

When it’s all said and done, you’ll need to take proper care of your grill in order for it to continue working properly for years. In this section, we would like to give you some tips on cleaning the rotisserie portion on the grill.

You can use BBQ cleaner (the spray on type) on all of the parts, except for the motor. Take note that some of those spray on products are flammable and caustic, so you should never spray them on the motor. There should be instructions on the product, so make sure you read and follow them for safe usage.

For the motor, a damp dry cloth should do the trick. If the motor is super dirty, which isn’t likely due to the fact that it is an external piece, then it can be cleaned using something like an electromotive cleaner spray – you can find this spray at automotive stores. It’s what mechanics use to clean alternators and other electronic parts – for the motor, it would work great and is non-flammable.

When it comes to cleaning the rotisserie, don’t use any form of degreaser, because there are barons and other important pieces in the rotisserie that needs to be lubricated at all times. If you use a  degreaser, you’ll also be getting rid of the lubrication that the rotisserie needs in order to run properly.

Deep Cleaning Your Gas Grill

Before you start your grill, if it is dirty and has food accumulated on it, then you need to give it a good scrub so that your food will taste its best. We recommend a deep clean to your grill at least one time a year.

Start out by cleaning the inside of the grill. You can use a nice grill brush and work your way to the bottom in order to remove the build-up. If you reach an area that has a large amount of build-up in it, then you can use a putty knife. Use warm, soapy water to wash it.

Now, take the grates off and wash the grates with warm soapy water. Move to the grill burner covers and also wash them with some warm, soapy water.

For grease build-up in the box, as we said earlier, you can scrape that away with a putty knife. Move to each burner and clean the tube with a grill brush.

Next, take the bottom tray out and scrape the build-up away. Remove the drip pan and replace it with a new one.

For the exterior of the grill, you can use the water hose …and now it’s time to cook.

If you’re looking for the best rotisserie grill  then any one from the list will do just fine – we put a large amount of time into researching each grill we found in order to make sure we gave you the best of the best.

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